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A mysterious cow who stole Batman's spare costumecow, meant to be used for meat, that was saved by the deceased Robin and son of Batman, Damian Wayne.

The Bat-Cow is a member of the Tiny Titans' Pet Club, and the Just Us Cows. It is an ordinary cow that stole a spare cowl from the Bat Cave.

Current Events

A cow appeared in the pages of Batman Incorporated. Tainted by Leviathan, Bat-Cow was saved from slaughter by Damian Wayne.


Bat-Cow was created for use in DC Comics by Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham. Bat-Cow's first appearance is in Batman Incorporated Vol 2 #1, which was released in July, 2012.

Powers and Abilities

Alfred testing and cleaning Bat-Cow

Bat-Cow has no powers or abilities, it is a normal cow with the exception being its meat is contaminated with a mind-control drug of some sort, so that when the people of Gotham or whoever eats the meat will be susceptible.