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Character - Dragunov EDIT  
Russias Punisher.

Once a devoted Russian soldier, Dima Kaganitzky's military outfit was slaughtered by his traitorous compatriot turned criminal, Vikady. Taking his new name from the Russian riglerifle, Dragunov swore revenge on Vikady and tracked him to the United Sates. The Russian formed an allianced with the Punisher, and the uneasy partners destroyed Vikady's burgeoning trade in heroin.


The pair later traveled to Eastern Europe to prevent Vikady from detonating a nuclear weapon in Sarajeco. Dragunov introduces Punisher to his comrades and freedom fighters. They then travel together across a war torn city of Russia. While attempting to capture Vikady, Dragunov was cut sown hit by a sniper's bullet , dying just minutes before his enemy was shot dead by a second sniper.after he rose out of cover once he saw Vikady. He mused how he was killed by his favorite weapon the dragunov rifle. Punisher comments on how stupid he was for leaving cover. Before the solider can kill Punisher and Dragunov an unknown sniper kills him. Punisher corners Vikady who sends his muscular companion Taz to take care of Punisher. In his last dying breath Dragunov rushes and grabs Taz breaking his back. He then collapses and dies. The unkown sniper kills Vikady and Punisher ends the arc saying,

"Its over Microman over for us, its over for Vikady and Dragunov."