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One of the three prairie provinces, Alberta is located on the west of the North American continent. The south border confines with Montana (U.S.A.) while on the other sides are other canadian provinces


There has been human habitation in Alberta for at least 8,000 years, when the first Paleo-Indians migrated into the area. Native groups lived in the region for the next several thousand years with little change until the mid-18th century, when European explorers, probably Frenchman Pierre La Vérendrye or his sons, began to travel into the interior to extend the fur trade. The French interception of furs at posts in Alberta and Manitoba negatively impacted the Hudson's Bay Comapany, which had officially been granted much of the region as part of the massive Rupert's Land in 1670. Settlements, generally under the auspices of the Hudson's Bay Company or the French North , began to arrive in the area to expand the fur trade.