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Volume - Blade of the Immortal EDIT  

English translation of the Japanese manga Mugen no Jūnin.

Manji, a ronin warrior of feudal Japan, has been cursed with immortality. To rid himself of this curse, regain his mortality, and end his life of misery, Manji must slay one thousand evil men! His quest begins when a young girl seeks his help in taking revenge on her parents' killers. His quest ends only after he has spilled the blood of a thousand!

Blade of the Immortal has also been made into an anime series.

Although Blade of the Immortal is an ongoing manga in Japan, Dark Horse stopped translating it into English as a monthly format with 131 issues and now simply continues the story with trade paperbacks collecting a few new chapters at a time. The first nineteen volumes collect the monthly series, however this list also includes the volumes that are entirely original material (at least original to America).

Trade Paperbacks

  • #01-06: Blood of a Thousand
  • #07-11: Cry of the Worm
  • #12-18: Dreamsong
  • #19-23: On Silent Wings
  • #23-28: On Silent Wings II
  • #29-34: Dark Shadows
  • #35-42: Heart of Darkness
  • #43-50: The Gathering
  • #51-57: The Gathering II
  • #58-65: Secrets
  • #66-72: Beasts
  • #73-80: Autumn Frost
  • #81-89: Mirror of the Soul
  • #90-98: Last Blood
  • #99-105: Trickster
  • #106-111: Shortcut
  • #112-117: On the Perfection of Anatomy
  • #118-126: The Sparrow Net
  • #127-131: Badger Hole
  • Vol. 20: Demon Lair
  • Vol. 21: Demon Lair II
  • Vol. 22: Footsteps
  • Vol. 23: Scarlet Swords
  • Vol. 24: Massacre
  • Vol. 25: Snowfall at Dawn
  • Vol. 26: Blizzard*
  • Vol. 27-30: Unsolicited***

*There are currently five volumes of the Japanese series that have not been translated -the latter four unsolicited as well- into English (they are 25-29 in the original language)...although both the Japanese original and the American translation of the series are ongoing so future installments are expected.