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The Trinity is summoned to the Rock of Eternity to be judged by the Circle of Eternity for their crimes against humanity. The Phantom Stranger pleads for forgiveness, arguing that he who he betrayed would forgive him. However, he is beyond forgiveness, and is sentenced to walk the Earth as a stranger to man, and as a witness to what greed is capable of, while his hair and eyes turn white, and the 'thirty pieces of silver', burn themselves into his flesh. The Question defies the wizards, saying that if they do not kill him, he will rise to power again. However, he is sentenced to forget his name as everyone else will; to forever question his identity and forever search for answers that he will never find. His face then becomes blank, and he is mute. Pandora is last to be sentenced, but is sorrowful, not realizing what she has done. She appears truly repentant, but is still sentenced to an eternity of loneliness, pain and being deemed evil. And so the Trinity of Sin were created.

Present Day

The members of the Trinity continue to walk the earth but they have begun to be more than just observers. The Question is still searching for answers and has been dealing out vigilante justice in places like Hub City and believes that the Phantom Stranger and Pandora hold the answers he seeks. The Phantom Stranger has been wandering the earth and following the voice of a Higher Power to take interest in certain people. The Stranger must then betray these people in order to remove one of the thirty pieces of silver from around his neck. These betrayals have resulted in the creation of the Spectre and have stopped an invasion by the forces of the demon Trigon. At the same time, however, the Stranger tries to remove himself from his curse and has started a family and has a wife and two children. But he cannot find peace and his life is constantly interrupted by different people and beings from his life as the Stranger, including Dr. Terrence Thirteen. Pandora has spent her wanderings trying to figure out what she had done to deserve her punishment and how she could set it right. She determines that she must put back what she had released from the box and begins by stealing it from the Black Room at A.R.G.U.S..

Seeds of War

Pandora quickly discovers that she can no longer open the box to put back what she had released. At the same time she is visited by the Wizard who cursed her who tells her that she cannot put back what was released but there is still power within the box to set things right. He tells her that only the strongest of heart or the darkest can open it. The Wizard then asks for her forgiveness for the Circle's harsh punishment of her because she did not deserve it. The other sinners deserved their punishment but she was just curious. Then the Wizard vanishes after having passed the last of his power to a new champion.

The Phantom Stranger continues to try to live a normal life but is visited by Pandora who asks for his help in finding the one who can open the box. The Stranger refuses though and says that he will do everything in his power to stop her from releasing anything else from the box. Pandora chastises him for trying to live a normal life with the curse that he bears and warns him that if he tries to interfere in her plans then she will reveal his true identity to all of those he cares about. Realizing the inevitable the Stranger travels to Nanda Parbat to warn John Constantine that war is coming between the three and that it is time for him to choose a side. However, Constantine, and the rest of the Justice League Dark, refuse to take part and instead try to convince the Stranger to join their team, but the Stranger, in turn, refuses them.

In the meantime, the Stranger's family is kidnapped. Pandora appears to let him know that she had nothing to do with the his family's disappearance. The Stranger then confronts the Spectre, believing him to be responsible for the kidnapping. But yet again he finds a dead end. At the same time, Dr. Thirteen is confronted by the Question who asks him what it would take for him to betray the Stranger. Dr. Thirteen then calls the Stranger and tells him that he will find information about his family if he visits a casino in Las Vegas. At the casino the Stranger runs into the Sons of Trigon who are playing a game of high stakes poker with the dealer being Lady Luck. The Stranger joins the game with the hope of finding more information about his family. With the unexpected help of Deadman the Stranger wins the game but makes enemies of the Sons of Trigon who also know nothing about his family. Then the Stranger receives another call from Dr. Thirteen who, under the guidance of the Question, urgently tells the Stranger that he needs to come back to his lab.

After the Stranger deals with another mission given to him by the Presence he arrives at Thirteen's lab. The doctor seems a little unsettled by something and then the Question reveals himself. The Stranger is very hostile towards the Question and urges Thirteen to help him defeat the faceless man. However, the Question tells the Stranger that he cannot best him and that the Stranger must be killed. Suddenly Thirteen stabs the Stranger from behind with the Spear of Destiny. The Question then tells the Stranger to "just shut up and die".