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Description: The Love Of Matthew Murdocks Life. Her Death Still Haunts Him.
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Karen Page was a young woman whom was hired as a secretary for Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson's law firm. From the very start of her career, Karen fell in love with Matt, as did the blind man with her. Page saw Murdock as an incapacitated man who needed help, although he was the very opposite. Matt never had the guts to reveal his feelings for the girl during the first years. Matt and Foggy immediately began competing for her attention which caused tension between the two friends (Foggy once pretended he was the Man Without Fear) until she revealed to them that she was in love with Daredevil. This caused an even weirder vibe, since Matt's secret identity was actually Daredevil. Eventually Karen found out Daredevil's secret identity and she and Matt Murdock fell in love. The relationship however was a rocky one and did not last long. After their relationship had ended, Karen soon moved to Los Angeles to become a soap opera star. In this time she also briefly dated Johnny Blaze (better known as the Ghost Rider) for a short period of time.


Stan Lee and Bill Everett created Karen Page in April 1964.

Character Evolution

At first Karen Page was a happy young secretary. Later on she went to Hollywood to try out as an actress. She however ended up being a heroin addict and make adult movies. She sold Daredevil’s secret identity because she needed a fix. She later became clean and redeemed herself.

Major Story Arcs


Living in LA got the best of Karen and instead of becoming a soap opera star, she got hooked on heroin. She lost contact with all of her former friends and things where going down hill for Karen very soon. She eventually even became a porn star. At her lowest and looking for a fix, she sold out Daredevil's secret identity to a crook. This eventually reached the Kingpin in New York City, which caused mayor losses to Matt. Matt eventually found Karen and, even though furious of what she had done, he helped her get back on her feet. After Karen had moved back to New York, she became an anti-pornography activist and Matt took her back as his secretary. The two soon started to build a life together once again. Matt told her that she was the only woman he really loved, Elektra was just drama and excitement. But when Karen was offered a job in LA once again, she accepted, leaving Matt a love note before she left him, this time it seemed for good.


For more information see: Inferno

Thinking that Matt is in love with Mary, Karen leaves him.


Some months later, after being tricked into believing she had AIDS by Mysterio, she returned to Matt tell him the news. She was manipulated once again by Mysterio, making her believe a baby was the cause of all the events happening to her. This baby had a high value to some unknown organizations, thinking it to be the Devil's child. Archnemesis Bullseye was also hired to take care of the baby, but this was unknown for either Karen or Matt at the time. After meeting Murdock in a church he figured out she was trying to kill the baby. Matt told her the baby was not evil and that it was her past reckless life style giving her AIDS. Karen believed Matt's words and left the church. Later in a park, she had an epiphany that Matt Murdock needs her as much as she needs him. She went back to the church to help Matt and trying to figure out how they could once again become a part of each other's lives. At this point however Bullseye had entered the church, looking for the baby. He had killed almost everyone in the church, except for Sister Maggie and had badly beaten Daredevil. Karen tried to stall Bullseye so that Sister Maggie could escape with the baby. However, when sister Maggie tried to run, the baby let out a cry and Bullseye went for the kill. Karen however got in his way once again and held a gun to his head. After she fired it, Bullseye told her it was empty. He let her live because she had "Chutzpah". Bullseye went after Sister Maggie and was about to walk out of the church when he noticed he still had Daredevil's Billy Club. He said that he'd forgotten to give it back to Daredevil and he threw it with amazing speed right at his heart. Karen however saw it coming and took the hit trying to protect him. It impaled her own heart. Karen fell down on the ground with Daredevil beside her while Bullseye left the church. Before Karen died she whispered, "I'll miss you". Karen was Matt's second (and perhaps biggest) love to be killed by Bullseye, the first being Elektra.

Post Death

In Daredevil: Yellow Matt Murdock looks back on his first encounter with Karen Page and the rivalry between Matt and Foggy Nelson since the both had a love interest in Karen. The story takes place after Karen Page is dead and is a way to let Matt Murdock get closure However the story itself is told in flashback, which takes places when Daredevil had his yellow costume.

Alternate Versions

In the story´What if Karen Page Had Lived Daredevil now lives in fear of losing Karen Page.

Other Media


Ellen Pompeo played Karen Page in Daredevil . Most of her appearance was cut it can however bee seen in the Director's cut edition.