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Aram Anni Pada, aka Armstrong, is one of the eternal brothers in the Valiant Universe and an immortal. He travels the world with his buddy Archer to take down the evil Sect.

Aram brawled his way through history and decided to drink and party instead. He and his partner Archer journey the long road called life.


Valiant Universe (VH1) - Pre-Unity

Armstrong is an immortal, amoral libertine who abandoned such naive idealism thousands of years ago. As different from each other as Tin and Yang, Archer and Armstrong go together as naturally as beer and pretzels.

Valiant Entertainment (2012)

In the relaunched Valiant Universe Aram Anni-Pada is the middle of three immortal brothers. But unlike his siblings who have dedicated their existences to meaningful causes, Aram changed his name to Armstrong and spends his eternal life drinking beer, writing poetry, chasing women and generally getting into trouble. Over a number of centuries, his free thinking behaviour has gotten the attention of a number of Cults, including The 1% who believe him to be the devil and refer to him as "He Who Is Not To Be Named".

One such cult sends their greatest warrior, a young man known as Obadiah Archer, to kill Armstrong. But when the pair meet it is clear that Archer's family have not been telling him the truth and the two become a cult bashing, world saving duo.