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Valiant Universe (VH1) - Pre-Unity


A child of preachers Joe Earl and Thelma, Obadiah Archer discovers his parents molesting children from their congregation. Obadiah is captured and almost killed by his parents, who tie him up and set fire to the house with him inside. Archer manages to escape, and makes a promise to God that he will bring his parents to justice for their crimes, however he becomes engulfed by the smoke and passes out. Here he has a near-death experience, being drawn towards the afterlife but remembers his promise to God and wakes up in a hospital bed.

Archer flees the country and ends up in a Buddhist monastery in the Himalayas, here he discovers his near-death experience has unlocked some abilities, being able to master martial arts with ease and having an uncanny gift with a bow and arrow. After years with the Monks, Archer returns to the USA to find his parents, but quickly learns they were imprisoned not long after he left. Wandering the streets hopelessly, Archer meets an immortal man named Armstrong and they eventually team up to take down a secret society known as The Sect.

With Valiant's relaunch in 2012, Archer was trained as a child assassin by his preacher/politician parents out of a theme park. Along with several other children, Archer was adopted, but his true origin is unknown to him. His foster parents had told him that he was their real son, in efforts to make him more obedient. After winning a competition between his siblings, Archer is sent out into the world for the first time to find a man who must not be named. The man turns out to be Armstrong, an immortal who explains that Obadiah is working for a group known as the Sect. After discovering that the revelation is true, Archer teams with Armstrong in an effort to prevent his parents and the Sect from destroying the world and gaining immortality for themselves.