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The Red Skull machination's reawaken the ancient asgardian fear-master known as only the Serpent, With the world falling into chaos, can the earths heroes save the world while dealing with their own greatest fears?

Plot Summary

In a time of fear and uncertainty, the Avengers make a plan to rebuild Asgard, while Sin enacts a mysterious plan to gather powerful godly weapons.

Full Plot

Prelude: Book of the Skull

In the Egyptian desert, Sin and Baron Zemo seek out Sin's father's ( The Red Skull) hidden journal about his greatest failure. After defeating her father's robot guards, Sin relates the story about her father's greatest failure. Back in 1942, The Red Skull with the aid of Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker had come across a gypsy camp that spoke about a long lost fear god. The Red Skull had these gypsies kill several Atlantean citizen to fashion a book that would help call this fear god to Earth. The ritual is performed by the Thule Priest and a bolt of lightning flashes across the sky, but whatever came down did not end up near Red Skull's location. The Invaders discover the Red Skull's plan and Namor, Bucky and Captain America track the Red Skull and his men to Antarctica. In a rage about the death and mutilation of his people, Namor attacks the Nazis on the ground but is soon attacked by a large blue demon. After a long battle, the demon was forced into the cold water and Bucky used a grenade to blow off its head, killing it. The Red Skull retreats with Baron Strucker, saying the Invaders had not grabbed the true prize and the two return to Germany. However, it is a ruse, a mystic hammer similar to Mjolnir had landed in the Arctic and the Red Skull's men built a fortress around it and after many decades, the hammer remained because no one worthy enough could lift it.

After the tale, Zemo and Sin escape the collapsing base and Sin soon betrays Zemo, destroying his teleporter disc and stealing his ship. Zemo watches saying that he hopes Sin gets what she wants because if she doesn't, she had made a new enemy and he will take care of her. Sin soon gathers her men and heads towards her father's old base to claim the hammer.

Fear itself begins:

She kills all of Zemo's men trying to stop her, but when she lifts the hammer... the Serpent,brother of odin awakens and frees himself from his prison claiming that Odin isn't the true father of all, he summons seven more hammers to chose some worthy people to become his heralds:

Hulk (Bruce Banner) found his hammer in Brazil as he told Red She-Hulk to run away as he turned into Nul, breaker of worlds.

Juggernaut sees his hammer falling and crashing on the raft , he turs into Kuurth , breaker of stone, he then destroys the raft, which allows every imprisoned villain to escape.

Titania found her hammer while she and Absorbing Man were digging in South Africa. She then lead him to where he would find his hammer, having to face War Machine in the process. they become Skirn: Breaker of Men and Greithoth: Breaker of Wills.

Attuma finds his in the ocean and destroys every pipeline and every lifeform he sees with it.

Grey Gargoyle fins his and become Mokk: Breaker of Faith, he uses his updated powers to turn Paris to stone.

The Thing finds his as he was working with the future foundation in Yancy Street.

Sin gathers her Nazi troops and attacks Washington and New York... leading her army of robots into a rampage. the Avengers and Thor make a speech to calm everyone,it does not works well and tne watcher pops up in the asgard ruins. Odin loses his temper and threaten the watcher to fight him when Thor arrives and asks for help from asgard. Odin refuses and a fight erupts between father and son, which results in thor being knocked out. Odin gathers the asgardians and goes back in space.

Collected Editions

  • Alpha Flight by Pak and Van Lente
  • Fear Itself
  • Fear Itself: Avengers
  • Fear Itself: Avengers Academy
  • Fear Itself: Black Panther: The Man Without Fear
  • Fear Itself: Deadpool/Fearsome Four
  • Fear Itself: Dracula
  • Fear Itself: Herc
  • Fear Itself: Heroes For Hire
  • Fear Itself: Hulk
  • Fear Itself: Invincible Iron Man
  • Fear Itself: Journey Into Mystery
  • Fear Itself: Secret Avengers
  • Fear Itself: Spider-Man
  • Feat Itself: The Home Front
  • Fear Itself: Thunderbolts
  • Fear Itself: Uncanny X-Force/The Deep
  • Fear Itself: Uncanny X-Men
  • Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt
  • Iron Man 2.0: Palmer Addley Is Dead
  • Journey Into Mystery: Fear Itself Fallout
  • Shattered Heroes

Digital Editions

These eight digital "exclusives" were later compiled into a print one-shot so they were taken out of the associated issues reading order, the print one-shot is #8 in the reading order.

  • Fear Itself: The Worthy #1 (Sin)
  • Fear Itself: The Worthy #2 (Juggernaut)
  • Fear Itself: The Worthy #3 (Titania)
  • Fear Itself: The Worthy #4 (Gargoyle)
  • Fear Itself: The Worthy #5 (Hulk)
  • Fear Itself: The Worthy #6 (Attuma)
  • Fear Itself: The Worthy #7 (Absorbing Man)
  • Fear Itself: The Worthy #8 (Thing)

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Non-U.S. Editions

  • Avante, Vingadores! #55
  • Avante, Vingadores! #56
  • Avengers #11
  • Avengers #12
  • Avengers #13
  • Avengers #14
  • Avengers Assemble #13 (UK)
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  • The Astonishing Spider-Man #80 (UK)
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  • X-Men #129 (Brazil)
  • X-Men #130 (Brazil)
  • X-Men #134 (Germany)
  • X-Men #135 (Germany)
  • X-Men Deluxe #205
  • X-Men Deluxe #206
  • X-Men Select #1
  • X-Men Select #2
  • X-Men Sonderband: Die Neue X-Force #3