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Issue - Walk the Savage Land EDIT  

 At the start of this issue, Spider-Man takes out a small group of thugs. However, after defeating them, Spider-Man realises that he's not really in the mood for fighting crime, and has to find a way to explain to Gwen Stacy where he was the past few days, since he had grown four extra arms and had to hide them. As he swings past the Daily Bugle, Spider-Man wonders why there's still a light on this late at night, and thinks that something big must be up.  Inside the Daily Bugle, J. Jonah Jameson is talking to a group of men, telling them that with the way things are going, there may not be a Daily Bugle anymore. The main reason Jonah thinks is because of television. Upon noticing what's on, Jonah sees an interview with a man called Mr. Calkin, who claims to have seen a gigantic monster in Antarctica whilst part of an expedition there. Jonah exclaims that if they can get photos of the monster and write an article about it, then that will get the Bugle's popularity up again. After then men clear out, Jonah tells Robbie that he wants Peter Parker to take the shots.  The next day, Peter and Gwen are spending the day together, and upon reaching Peter's apartment, they find the phone ringing. When Gwen answers it, she finds Robbie asking for Peter to take the shots. Upon hearing that there's a big cash bonus, Peter agrees, but disappoints Gwen in saying so. Peter and Gwen then go to the Daily Bugle, where J. Jonah Jameson is trying to work out what's else he needs for the expedition. Upon seeing Gwen, Jameson realizes that if she was in the paper, it would boost sales, and offers for Gwen to come along to. After a moment of thinking, Gwen agrees to go.  After two days of preparation, Jonah, Peter, Gwen, and Calkin (from the TV interview) all arrive in Antarctica. After some preparation at a camp, the four then take a helicopter further, where they are almost attacked by a pterodactyl. After landing, Peter takes a few photos of Gwen, before Jonah calls out that he's found a gigantic statue, and wants photos of Gwen in front of it. Jonah then hits a gong at the base of the statue, assuming Ka-Zar put it there, and a large group of natives arrive. The natives are about to attack the group, when the large monster from Calkin's sketch arrives, whom the natives call Gog.   Gog reaches out and grabs Gwen, whilst Calkin, Jonah and Peter futilely shoot at him. Peter then runs up closer to it in the hope of creating a smokescreen using some gas bombs, but Gog hits him so hard that Peter falls off a nearby cliff. Although Jonah and Calkin think that Peter is dead, Peter survives and changes to his Spider-Man costume.  Meanwhile, Gog has taken Gwen to his friend and former Spider-Man villain, Kraven the Hunter. Kraven tells Gwen that he is using Gog to help him carve out a kingdom, and that he wants her as his queen. While this is happening, Jonah and Calkin are still hunting Gog, but run into Ka-Zar and Zabu. After Jonah explains why he's there, Ka-Zar says that he'll go rescue Gwen, but that Jonah has to leave the Savage Land afterwards.   As Spider-Man runs along, also following the tracks of Gog, he fights off a giant snake then keeps going. However, after crossing a large river, he accidentally lands in some quicksand, which starts pulling him down!