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The New Warriors Volume 1

As the majority of comic book readers in the late 1980's were teenagers, the idea was to create a team made up entirely of teenagers. Thus were the New Warriors born, Heroes for the '90's! After appearing in Thor, the team went on to get their own series, which sold fairly well. The initial line-up consisted of Night Thrasher, Firestar, Justice, Namorita, Speedball, and Nova, but the team would go on to add members such as Silhouette, Turbo, Darkhawk, and many more. The series lasted until issue 75. Some three years later, The New Warriors Vol.2 started witch which was less successful.

Collected Editions

  • New Warriors Classic Vol. 1 (#1-6)
  • New Warriors Classic Vol. 2 (#7-10)
  • New Warriors Classic Vol. 3 (#11-17)
  • The New Warriors Omnibus vol. 1 (#1-26)