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West Coast Avengers Assemble

Simon was one of the founding members of the West Coast Avengers. In the early years he continued to struggle with his fear of death, until overcoming these fears during a battle with Graviton. In defeating Graviton, Simon discovered a new found confidence that grew over time into arrogance. Personally, he embarked upon a new career as a successful Hollywood action hero. Simon's sudden fame and celebrity went to his head, causing him to question Hawkeye's leadership and renew his rivalry with fellow teammate Iron Man. At one point Simon contemplated leaving the Avengers for a full time career as an actor, but after the Abomination attacked him during a public relations gathering for his new movie, Simon was struck by how shallow his Hollywood "friends" reacted to the destruction and began to change his ways.


When the governments of the world decided that the Vision was too great a threat to their national security, they banded together to abduct and erase the Vision's programming. Although Henry Pym was able to restore the Vision's body back to working order, he could not restore his personality without Simon's brain patterns. Simon refused; he had never given his permission before and couldn't be violated like that again. He revealed that he had secretly been in love with the Vision's wife, the Scarlet Witch, and it killed him that she had fallen in love with "his" personality programmed in the body of another man. The Witch was furious with Simon and dropped a cliff-side on him, screaming that she hated him for his selfishness. The Visionquest would ultimately contribute to Wanda's mental breakdown.

Dark Scarlet Witch Saga

When the Scarlet Witch was manipulated by Immortus and her father Magneto to embrace her darker side, the Witch began tormenting her old team-mates but above all else Wonder Man whom she repeatedly killed over and over again and used her hex power to bring him back from the dead. While held hostage by the sexy evil Witch, Wonder Man was also sexually tormented by her in an infamous scene where she dug her nails deep into his skin and progressively clawed her way down his body and eventually his crotch as SImon bellowed out in agony at the pain.

Operation Galactic Storm

During the Shi'ar/Kree War, Wonder Man engaged and was soundly defeated by the Praetor of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard, Gladiator, before he was seemingly killed when his physical body was destroyed in a massive Nega-Bomb explosion. The blast caused his body to undergo a further metamorphosis into a more ionic being. In addition to his enhanced strength and durability, Simon could now fly on his own power and shoot blasts of ionic energy. He later learned that he was now immortal, causing Simon to struggle greatly with this further loss of his humanity.

Force Works

When the West Coast Avengers were disbanded, Simon joined his fellow West Coast Avengers in Tony Stark's new group, Force Works. In one of their first missions Simon was seemingly killed in an explosion in space. He wasn't actually killed but underwent an even further transformation into his ionic form. Simon's appearance changed from flesh to a purple colored being of "starry" energy. Month's later he was reformed by the Scarlet Witch and the two began a relationship that would ultimately end due to her inability to put the Vision behind her.

Civil War

Simon was one of the first to register after the announcement of the Super Human Registration Act. Not only did he help capture renegade vigilantes and criminals, he was also instrumental as the public face for the SHRA, helping to create televised messages to educate the public and yet-unregistered super humans about the specifics of the Registration Act. After embezzling money from his own charity he was coerced to do even more work for S.H.I.E.L.D., possibly as a way to seek pardon. He is one of the first established heroes assigned to lead the Fifty State Initiative training program for inexperienced hero recruits along with Ms. Marvel, with whom he is rumored to be having an intimate relationship. He was also pronounced a member of the reformed Mighty Avengers.

Dark Reign

After the Secret Invasion, Simon was retired from being a hero by Norman Osborn. He was then imprisoned as a member of the new Lethal Legion. Later, after the events of Seige, Wonder Man was released from imprisonment when Steve Rogers (Captain America) took Osborn's place as the world's top cop. Upon releasing Simon, Steve invited him to join the new team of Avengers he was assembling. Simon refused, feeling bitter towards the Avengers and blaming them for the events caused Civil War, Secret Invasion, and Siege. Simon told Steve that he should reconsider reforming the Avengers and change his mind or he would change it for him.

Heroic Age

After Iron Man and Thor confronted Simon over his attitude towards the Avengers, Iron Man remarked that Simon was "leaking" ionic energy. Simon appeared to be dematerializing. He looked sickly, lost hair, and acted and spoke irrationally, suggesting that something was seriously wrong with Wonder Man. Recently, Simon came to the conclusion that the Avengers simply cause more harm than good, stating that the endangerment of countless innocent bystanders over the years as result of battles with enemies and the lure and even creation of villains from the Avengers being a famous superhero team outweigh all the good the team accomplishes. He gathered allies like Black Goliath and Virtue and formed his own team, the Revengers. They successfully assaulted Avengers Mansion and defeated the Avengers. Later, the Avengers took revenge on Wonder Man and his team and defeated them, but not before he is able to instill a degree of doubt in the general population as to the validity and consequences of the Avengers' actions. He is held in a cell, designed specifically, by Tony Stark, to contain his ionic form, and makes the claim that he has not been 'real' since his resurrection. While making this statement his energy based body seems to dissipate and, eventually, completely disappear.

He has of late joined the ranks of the Avengers Unity Squad. But he states he joined due to his publicity and media control, he won't fight.

Physical Statistics

Height: 6' 2"

Weight: 380 lbs.

Hair: Gray (Dyed black)

Eyes: Red with spots of shifting energy. No irises are visible.

Powers And Abilities

Through Baron Zemo's treatments, Simon became a being composed of pure, solid ionic energy and in turn gained the following super-human powers:

Superhuman Strength

Wonder Man's strength level is in excess of the 100 ton range, meaning he can lift (press) over 100 tons above his head, and has been compared to that of Thor.

Superhuman Durability/Invulnerability

Wonder Man's skin and tissue has been rated a 9 on the Mohs scale of Hardness (normal human tissue equals a 1 and diamond equals 10).


Since Simon gained his ionic form he has almost unlimited amounts of stamina and no longer needs food, water, or air to survive. Wonder Man also doesn't age .


Though at first using a rocket propulsion belt to fly, he later learned to fly at high speeds using his own ionic propulsion. He also has enhanced agility as well almost instantaneous reflexes

Ionic Energy

Wonder Man uses his Ionic Energy in a number of ways, he can fire energy blasts change his shape and as mentioned above it helps him to fly.

Alternative Versions


Wonder Man had being turned into a Cyborg still possessing all his previous powers and a metallic body with virtual skin to appear more human. Do to his new body he could control his powers in new forms. When his world nexus being was killed, his world collapse and all the inhabits who tried to run to the 616 realities were erase as well; Ultron, Cybermancer and himself.


In this reality the Avengers went on a mission against Ultron. In the last minute Hulk betrayed them and Tigra tried attacking him only for him to rip her apart. Seeing this Wonder Man jumped and battled the Hulk, when Hulk managed to crack his skin. Wonder Man knew he had minutes to live and took the Hulk to the air and blew in a massive mushroom cloud explosion that killed them both.


Wonder Man was one the many heroes that was killed when Magneto took over the White House and tried to manipulate one the Sentinels however it had a nuclear bomb killing most the Avengers, X-Men, Human Liberation Front and the Savage Land Mutates.

House of M

Simon Williams: Superstar

Wonder Man is a famous actor who the tabloid report is romantically involved with the human super hero Carol Danvers.


In the 21st Century, Wonder Man was one of the few heroes to survive the Martian Invasion of Earth known as the War of the Worlds. During a pivotal point of the war, Wonder Man was teleported from Earth by the Vision who concluded that the war had an inevitable outcome. Wonder Man demanded that the Vision send him back but upon his return the heroes lost the war. The Martians had successfully occupied Earth but a resistance movement was formed on Earth by Killraven and his Freemen.

At some point after the end of the war, Wonder Man changed his name to Hollywood. After the Martians succumbed to a mysterious illness, they retreated from Earth but centuries later in the 30th Century the Badoon conquered Earth's solar system as well as Earth's surrounding colonies. Earth was eventually freed from Badoon occupation due to the efforts of the Guardians of the Galaxy and theDefenders. At some point, Hollywood joined a resistance group known as the Commandeers.

Years later, a small group of Badoon who remained on Earth and a militant group called the Punishers had enslaved the human population with a narcotic VR program known as Realitee-Vee. The Commandeers and the Guardians defeated the Badoon soldiers and the Punishers and destroyed the refinery that produced Realitee-Vee. Hollywood continued as a Commandeer on Earth until he was recruited by Martinex into the Galactic Guardians.

Martinex called on Hollywood, Spirit of Vengeance, Firelord, Phoenix IX and Replica to battle Korvac who had infiltrated Mainframe. After defeating Korvac and his Intimidators, Hollywood and the others decided to stay together as the Galactic Guardians. While responding to a threat from Dormammu, the Galactic Guardians defeated Bubonicus. The Galactic Guardians, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Krugarr and the Ancient One (formerly Dr. Strange) all joined together to battle Dormammu.

After defeating Dormammu, Hollywood asked the Guardians of the Galaxy to check on the Commandeers on Earth. Hollywood and the Galactic Guardians returned to Mainframe's Homeworld, Klaatu. After the Guardians of the Galaxy returned to Earth, it was revealed that Doctor Doom created the addictive VR program, Realitee-Vee, which he called the Karoshi Program. Doom had Rancor and her lieutenants rebuild the refinery to enslave Earth's population once again.

Doom had survived into the 30th Century by placing his brain in Wolverine’s adamantium skeleton. While the Guardians defeated Rancor's lieutenants, Doom defeated Rancor in battle and he escaped to repair the exposed area of his brain. The Guardians destroyed the refinery again but Rancor and her lieutenants escaped as well. After discovering that Doom had escaped, Hollywood went on a quest to hunt for Doom.

Hollywood's quest was interrupted when he and the Galactic Guardians fought Ubiquitor and her Emissaries. Hollywood resumed his quest for Doom after his opponent, Silverback, was sucked into a black hole. Hollywood eventually rejoined with the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Other Media


Wonder Man vs Iron Man

Wonder Man appeared briefly during the first season of the animated series The Avengers: United They Stand. He is put into a coma after an attack by the Vision and remains in the hospital for most of the series, only seen occasionally during visits by the Scarlet Witch.

Wonder Man has appeared in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. The episode is called 'Everything Is Wonderful'. It's his origin tale and he plays a villain who teams up with the Masters of Evil. He later appears in the episode "Gamma World Part 2" alongside the Masters of Evil. In the Episode "Masters of Evil" Wonder Man and the other "Masters" attack Avengers Mansion. During his battle with Ant Man, Simon shows some regret for his actions but insists that Baron Zemo is the only one who can restore his humanity. Wonder Man is voiced by Phil Lamarr.

Video Games

Wonder Man makes a cameo appearance as a non-playable character in the 1991 arcade game Captain America and the Avengers.

Wonder Man appears in the game Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, voiced by Dave B. Mitchell. He appears as a boss fight for gamers playing on Captain America's Anti-Registration side.