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The character of Whitney Fordman was created for the TV series "Smallville" by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar. He was first introduced into the Series in the first episode and left the series after the first season. He was played by the actor Eric Johnson. In the second season, Eric Johnson returned for one episode but at this time he played the character Tina Greer - a shapeshifter who just wanted to hurt Lana Lang. Johnson also returned for one episode of season four - his last time on "Smallville". He was only seen in a flashback.

History ("Smallville" TV Series)

Eric Johnson as Whitney

Whitney grew up in Smallville where he worked in the "Fordman Department Store" - a shop which belonged to his family since 1943. Since his youth, he loved football and that made him later the star quarterback of the Smallville High School. He also dated Lana Lang, who he met during this time. For the first time, Whitney was a really bully but after a couple of episodes, Whitney became much friendlier and even befriended Clark Kent (later known as Superman). Before the prom and after the death of his father George, Whitney left Smallville to join the US Marine Corps. He begged Clark to watch over Lana until he will be back.

In the second season, it was revealed that Whitney was killed in the heat of the battle.


  • Whitney was the first main character to be killed.
  • Before Eric Johnson was cast as Whitney Fordman, his original name was going to be Whitney Ellsworth.

Other Media

Man of Steel (2013 Movie)

It is revealed that Whitney will be a part of the "Man of Steel" movie, which will be released on June 14, 2013. Whitney will be played by the actor Robert Gerdisch.