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Alucard is the son of Dracula. Extremely powerful vampire, his powers are shown to be near equal with Dracula. He is a vampire/ human half breed.

Lords of Shadow Continuity

Alucard appears in the rebooted Castlevania timeline "Lords of Shadow" as a playable character , first appearing in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate. He is voiced by Richard Madden. In this new continuity, he is depicted as a mysterious and terrifying vampire knight who still is Dracula's son, but his character and Trevor Belmont's are combined into one.

Trevor Belmont is the son of Gabriel and Marie Belmont. He was conceived in 1046, just before one of Gabriel’s many long sojourns on behalf of the Brotherhood of Light and its fight against evil. Pan and the elders of the Brotherhood believed Gabriel to be the chosen one who would one day ultimately defeat the Lords of Shadow and redeem mankind, but they also foresaw dark omens ahead. The world would be saved, although a heavy price would be exacted on all. Pan saw terrible visions, portents leading to a dreadful fate for Marie and her newly born child. He therefore persuaded Marie to keep her child a secret from his father until Gabriel’s quest was done, and in this single act he saved the child from certain death.

Oblivious to his fate, Trevor was raised by the Brotherhood to be a warrior like his father before him, and the secret of his birth and his lineage was kept from him until manhood. He proved to be a skilled warrior, and had inherited his father’s deep mastery of combat. During this time he met and married Sypha and in 1067 they have a child named Simon. When Dracula returned in 1072, the elders saw in Trevor the final hope for redemption, a way to strike a blow against the dark forces now inhabiting the old Bernhard Castle, an evil of their own making. Therefore, Trevor was informed of his true lineage, the fate of his mother, and the true identity of her murderer; and so he sets off to the castle to seek revenge.

However he failed in defeating the Dark Lord in combat. As he lay dying, the connection between him and Dracula was revealed to him and in desperation, he turned his son into a vampire to save his life thought seemengly in vain. His body was placed into a coffin with the words "Alucard" carved over the lid, as to represent what Trevor said earlier about them being opposites.

Alucard eventually awoke thirty years later and after painfully realizing he had been turned into a creature of the night himself, he resolved to confront his father once again. This time, to help his son Simon now a skilled warrior of his own, and free the Belmont family from their cursed fate.

Powers & Abilities

  • Super Speed: faster then a bullet.
  • Summoning: Can summon using relic cards, like a elemental demon wielding a spear, or a assisting fairy.
  • Enhanced Strength: due to a vampire physiology.
  • Shape-Shifting: bat, wolf and mist.
  • Dark Magic: soul steal and hellfire.