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Wiglaf is a character from the epic poem Beowulf.


Wiglaf is first introduced as a young man traveling with a few others in order to find the legendary warrior, Beowulf. When they find him, Beowulf immediately perceives the other men as threats, and kills them. Thinking quickly, Wiglaf is able to save himself by pretending to have been their prisoner. He then tells Beowulf of the Grendel who has been attacking his village. Beowulf agrees to follow him and slay the creature.

When they arrive at his village, Wiglaf's leader, General Hrothgar tells Beowulf about the Grendel's attacks. Beowulf decides to wait for the creature, and Wiglaf is told by Unferth to check the upper portion of the hall, having opened a window so that the creature will kill Wiglaf. Beowulf, however, saves him, and when he rides off to kill the Grendel, he takes Wiglaf with him as his guide.

When they arrive at the Grendel's lair, a woman claiming to be the mother of both the Grendel and Beowulf is there to meet them. She reveals that Beowulf was created as a super soldier, and that the Danes should kneel before him. To end the creature, Wiglaf throws a spear, freeing the Grendel, and causing the lair to self destruct. With the Grendel defeated, Beowulf takes Wiglaf back to his home.

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