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Widow was one of many freaks in Chicago that could find no life for them on the surface and so fled to the city’s underground to live. This tribe came under the leadership of Rock and they happily lived away from humanity. When Dragon and Star came into this region in search of a fugitive, Widow saved their lives by spinning her webs and catching them as they plummeted through a hole in the ground.


Widow created by Erik Larsen

Character Evolution

Image Universe

Widow (Image Universe)

The Underground Freaks became allies of Dragon and attempted to halt his rampage when he was possess by a leech of Horde. Their efforts ultimately failed, but by this time Widow and her allies seen as positively by the Chicago Police Department. This alliance seemed to come to an end, when the police came into the underground to try to evict them from their homes.

Savage World Universe

Widow (Savage World)

During CyberFace’s reign over the world, the Underground Freaks retreated back to their former home beneath Chicago. They recruited by Dragon to join his rebellion and Widow took part in the assault upon the White House that led to CyberFace’s defeat. In the aftermath, Dragon helped Rock set up a new restaurant that he named the Rock House Diner. Widow and Rock were now dating and soon got married, leaving behind any lingering thoughts of heroics.

Major Story Arcs

Image Universe

Widow Give Birth To Janey

Widow finds out she pregnant

When Dragon recruited by the government to form the Special Operations Strikeforce, Widow was one of the heroes hired for the team. She served for a couple of years and started a relationship with Radical, one of her fellow former homeless freak. They conceived a child not long before the God Squad abducted Radical, leading to the young man’s death when Godworld exploded. Widow took a leave of absence from the S.O.S. so that she could give birth to her daughter, Janey.

Savage World Universe

Crime-Fighting Widow

Widow and her family helps out Dragon

Widow has returned to crime-fighting on only a handful of occasions since, notably during an assault upon the Vicious Circle. The villains had attempted to extort money from Rock, but the Shrew killed their representative. Dragon led an army of heroes against the Vicious Circle and Widow joined the battle and sees she the Shrew get killed.

Powers & Abilities

Wall Clinger

Widow has the ability to adhere to any surface, allowing her to walk on walls and hang from rooftops.


She can also produce her own super strong natural webs that were spun out of her rectum.

Other Versions

Other Media

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