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Wick claims to be God, the Father off Colors and the Lord. Wick would find himself trapped in a ornate pyramid structure buried in an unknown desert. The rich and eccentric Julian Edmond would experience a dream that would cause him to seek this same monument convinced it would allow him to not only lead his personal mark on the world by a scar. Edmond's dream allows him to find Wick's prison using blind faith, and he would unearth and start to hammer away at the structure releasing Wick. Wick would then introduce himself as the Father of Colors, as the Lord and also God. Wick, would almost look as if he was dripping paint, surreal and with much presence, Wick would inspire awe in Edmond, who would be stunned into silence. Wick would notice Edmond spoke English which he would point out that he invented. Wick returns with Edmond to the base camp he had established in searching the desert for the monument he dreamed. Now that Edmond realizes it was Wick he was searching for, he fires all the workers he hired. Before they can react to Edmonds rambling Wick causes them all to disappear.

Edmond and Wick return to his wife Vera where she is shocked to met Wick, Wick would go on to transport and slaughter thousands of humans outside Vera's tent. Wick then tells Edmond he intends to learn about the world through him. Wick would also start to point out the errors and discrepancies that exist in the bible. In a dry and almost nonchalant manner Wick would point out that the tale of Job was true and hilarious and that he considers himself more of a rogue than depicted in the Bible. He would display a certain immature callous by explaining he also just wanted to see what a world wide flood would look like rather than any sort of punishment. Wick also points out that he was actually rather fond of Sodom and hinted at the circumstance around his imprisonment. Wick would decide to accompany Edmond and use his as a guide of sorts. Traveling back to his mansion Wick would be the guest of honor at a party Edmond would host, Wick getting to met Edmond's son Tristan Edmond and his wife Elspeth. Wick would also get introduced to several rich and powerful individuals. Wick would met them with curiosity and interest, however his ability to read their body language and truths would draw some ire from those he questioned.

At the actual dinner, tension would develop as the dinner guests were starting to grow restless, finding Wick very bizarre with his painted appearance and odd idiosyncrasies. When he declared himself as God that would turn to mock skepticism. Things would then take a turn for the macabre after Wick would vent his frustrations and disappointments at the current state of humanity before imploding the head of a party guest to the shock and horror of the other guests.


Wick is a fictional character created by esteemed horror writer Clive Barker, comic writer Mark Miller and artist Haemi Jang. The character is partially inspired by the god of the Old Testament, albeit a more exaggerated and extreme version. The character first appears in Boom! Studios Clive Barker's Next Testament series, specifically Clive Barker's Next Testament #1 - A Single Dream Can Spark A Revolution released in May 2013.

Character Evolution

Wick is a main character in the Clive Barker's Next Testament series with the story and plot focused around him. His god like power and bizarre personality, driving much of the story forward.

Major Story Arcs

The Next Testament

An eccentric rich and powerful man Julian Edmond has a dream that convinces him to uncover an ancient and mysterious monument buried in an unknown desert. There he frees the imprisoned Wick,

Powers and Abilities

Wick is extremely powerful, literally presentable as god like, he is long lived, possesses the ability to teleport, transport large and numerous objects simultaneously. Wick also possesses extreme levels of telekinesis, and matter manipulation.

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