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I haven't really been up to date with everything but since Dr. VooDoo was killed, could Billy now be the next Sorcerer Supreme? I was thinking it would be an interesting way to kind of have Dr. Strange train him in the ways of the Mystic Arts.

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I'm fairly certain that Voodoo's death was fake. His entry says that his implied death was later revealed incorrect.

That being said, the YA are clearly in Marvel's sights right now to some extent as evidenced in part by their advertising the conclusion to Children's Crusade throughout their lines, and the fact that it will lead into the A vs. X event. Doctor Strange is, similarly, in the public eye right now with the reintroduction of The Defenders. And, possibly most important of all, we know that Marvel hasn't completely forgotten about Wiccan thanks to his recent appearances here and here. (The first is Dr. Strange's ending sequence after finishing Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3) Moreover, Marvel's 2012 calendar shows the above image of Wiccan lighting a menorah at the beginning of Hanukkah.

Now, all of this is clearly not enough to show that he will be the next Sorcerer Supreme by any means. However, if you read Avengers: Children's Crusade: Young Avengers, it is heavily implied herein that Heinberg has hopes of making his character an important one. Sadly, the rest of Marvel might not go for this awesome idea. At any rate, the idea of having Wiccan being trained by the good doctor is a great one, and all we can do for now, really, is wait for the finale of Children's Crusade and hope and pray that Wiccan (and Hulkling) will make it out unscathed!

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@FierceYouth: Ah I understand. I had not heard that Voodoo's death was faked. I am kinda of limited on keeping up with that. From the Previews of AvX I think that those two will make it out fine, along with Speed. I'm just hoping they don't decide to try and lump them together with Avenger Academy. It seems right now they are just putting all the teen hero's into it as in X-23. I was kind of hoping when Laura's series ended she would go join YA.

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