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Stuart Anthony Whyte use to develop stealth technology for the military but everything changed after a tragic accident occurred with his family. Stuart wanted to treat his wife and two children on a vacation to Disneyland and they flew Skyways Express. The plane went down and Stuart lost his family in the crash. Stuart had a hard time concentrating at work after the accident and he eventually lost his job. Three years later, Stuart appeared in an all white costume and dubbed himself Whyte Out. He used his stealth harness to white out sections of the New York offices of Skyways Express and his intention was to obliterate the entire corporation. Whyte Out used his harness to white out the bodies of some security guards and shoot them with his blaster while they were distracted. Thunderstrike saw the whited out building and confronted Whyte Out during his attack on the CEO of Skyways Express, Thomas Grossman. Thunderstrike destroyed his pistol blaster with a hammer throw but Whyte Out used his harness to white out the room and vital parts of Thunderstrike's anatomy. Thunderstrike knew it was an elaborate visual effect but it was still disorienting. Thunderstrike threw a punch at his foe but he smacked through a wall he didn't know existed and plummeted several stories to the ground.

The distraction allowed Whyte Out to escape but he would reappear hours later at the JFK Airport. Whyte Out had created a massive white sphere in the middle of the airport that had washed out sections of the building and runway. Eric Masterson rushed towards the airport because his ex-wife, Marcy Masterson was flying out to Los Angeles that evening. Whyte Out used his harness to white out the plane and passengers of a Skyways Express flight. Thunderstrike appeared and knocked Whyte Out off his feet with a hammer throw but his enemy countered with some flash bombs designed to temporarily blind his opponent by intensifying the effect of his white field. Whyte Out used a flash bomb to drop an airplane repeller onto Thunderstrike and started to walk away. Thunderstrike emerged from the ground and Whyte Out used his harness to white out himself and Thunderstrike's entire body. Masterson started to panic in the white void but he regained his senses and discovered his reference point after falling to the ground. Masterson pointed up towards the sky with his hammer and fired a lightning bolt towards the white field dome. The blast caused a massive backlash that disrupted the power pack on Whyte Out's back. The power pack exploded and the white field disappeared. Whyte Out pulled his blaster out but Thunderstrike smashed it with his hands. Whyte Out told Thunderstrike to kill him because he had nothing left to live for but Masterson refused. Suddenly an energy blast struck Whyte Out in the chest and Stuart was dead. Masterson turned around and Bloodaxe revealed himself as Whyte Out's executioner.


Whyte Out was created by Ron Frenz in 1994 and first appeared in Thunderstrike # 12.

Abilities & Paraphernalia

Whyte Out wore a stealth harness that created an elaborate visual effect that disoriented anyone caught in the white field void. He could white out people and large objects like airplanes and buildings. He could white himself out and appear invisible in his own white field. His mask allowed himself to see the people and objects he whited out while his enemy is completely disoriented and confused. Whyte Out also used a pistol blaster and flash bombs designed to temporarily blind his opponent by intensifying the effect of his white field.

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