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Excellent in Every Way

This is probably the hottest Kathleen Turner has ever been. It's a fun blend of live action and animation made near 20 years ago, and it is still hard to see the seams. Everyone owes it to themselves to see this excellent movie. There have been animation and live action mixes done before, and considering the amount of CGI used in films like Avatar, you can give an argument that that is all that is being made these days. 
  However, this is still the standing as king of the mountain for combining Cartoons with live action. Most of the famous studios are represented here, as well as their greatest stars. Much was made of the Mickey Mouse Bugs Bunny Pairing, but when I saw it in the theater, it was Droopy everyone loved. One of my favorite movies of all time, it still stands the test of time.

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    This was a fun movie. It combined my two favorite genres Mystery and Comedy (is that even a genre?). While wacky, it really imbodys some of the older pulp-gumshoe detectives like Archie Goodwin/Nero Wolfe, but allows room for the less mature section of the crowd (the Pennut Gallery for us older viewers) to enjoy it as well. It has also cameos from cartoons which some of us will remember and others will soon learn to love.  a sweet classic. come, watch, enjoy...

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