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White is a Hollow that was created by the Soul Reaper Sosuke Aizen by molding thousands of Soul Reaper souls. It was part of Aizen's experiments on creating more powerful Hollows and merging them with Soul Reapers. This made it similar to the creation of the Ausuichi that are used to create a zanpakutō. Aizen released White onto Karakura Town in Earth, where it slaughtered many Soul Reapers.


BLEACH Vol. 59 JPN (Jun 2013)

White (ホワイト, Howaito) is an antagonist of the BLEACH series that was created by Tite Kubo, It first began serialization Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump in August 2001. He was first introduced during the flashback portion of the The Thousand-Year Blood War Arc that began in Volume 59.

He first appeared in BLEACH Volume 59 CH. 530 "Everything But the Rain op.3".

Major Story Arcs

The Thousand-Year Blood War Arc

White vs. Isshin Shiba

While attacking in Karakura Town, White was confronted by the 10th Division Captain, Isshin Shiba. Isshin struggled to both fight White and protect his subordinates. Isshin was blocked from using his zanpakutō's shikai or bankai forms when Aizen struck him from behind. White had the advantage with its speed and was poised to win this battle until a Quincy arrow fired by a young Masaki Kurosaki shot by. The arrow missed, and to Aizen's surprise, White charged toward Masaki. She left herself open for White to bite her, but failed to completely pierce her body due to her natural Quincy blood defenses. Now at close range, Masaki shot White in the head.

Though destroyed, White's job was still completed as it had infected Masaki with the soul of the Hollow. Before it could completely envelope her soul. it was blocked by Isshin and sealed away. It remained dormant inside of Masaki for several years. After her death, it transferred to the body of Ichigo Kurosaki, Masaki's son. It merged with Ichigo's latent Soul Reaper powers to become the spirit of his zanpakutō, Zangetsu.

Powers & Abilities

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