So.. just how good is she?

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White Tiger is one of those characters who have their powers and skills very vaguely defined... So, we know she is endowed with a vast knowledge of martial arts... but just how good does that make her? Is she Cap level? Is she Daredevil level? Shang Chi level? The Tiger amulets supossedly come from K'un Lun, the same place where Iron Fist lived, trained and became the Immortal Iron Fist, suppossedly the martial arts of K'un Lun are all those of Earth, plus several unheard of in this world, does that mean White Tiger has knowledge of all combat forms? 
And then about her stats.. she's strong, fast, agile, durable, etc enough to be considered superhuman, but how much so? How much can she lift? 1 ton? 5? She is strong enough to kill somebody with a kick or punch (she stated) and can jump effortlessly from rooftop to rooftop and is capable of going toe to toe with someone with class 12 strength without suffering injury. I know its almost pointless to ask, but does anyone have a more clear picture of what her skillset and powers are?

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bump. I'm curious, too.

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