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Best comic you didn't read...

It's hard to pick up and read a comic from an indy label when so much of it sucks. Ape Entertainment, however, does a great job of mostly picking up series that don't suck, and WPF is the best of the lot. Now, let me say first, it's hard to review a book written by two of my buddies (the artist for the shorter story in here is also my buddy! I have friends) without sounding like a douchebag friend, I know this. But, after you get done reading this, go find some other reviews of this book online. There's a reason Wiazrd gave the original fun one of the top ten issues of 2007 (they got number 6 right below Captain America!).

The Double Feature issue isn't the best of the series, but it is my favorite. We have three different stories here, all of them really good in their own way. My favorite is Beetle-Mania written by Eric Hutchins & drawn by Micah Farritor. Hutchins & Anderson (the other writer of the series) really do a great job of recapturing not only the 50sesque atmosphere, but proving to me again why I love monsters/aliens/giant beasts. Brian Mead does the art for one of the smaller stories in this book, and he has a style that mixes 50s pulp with Darwyn Cooke, and it is great work. If you love 50s sci-fi, great writing, great art, having fun, being a kid, being an adult, or comedy, you WILL love this book.

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