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On the day of his wedding frontiersman Dan Brand has his well thought out future destroyed when rival Peter Bradford tried to kill him and make off with his wife to be Lucy; Peter however only manages to wound Dan while killing Lucy.  

Almost dead Dan is found by Great Eagle and Tipi of the Catawbas tribe who save his life. 

Leaning the ways of the Catawbas while he recovers Dan, though hungry revenge remains for a full year.  

Eventually Peter Bradford returns to the area having become a rumrunner seeking to start trouble among the tribes. Confronted by Great Eagle when he tries this among the Catawbas, Peter kills him and flees, soon Dan is in pursuit, this time however his new skills enable Dan to overtake and kill Peter.   

This mission completed Dan decides to stay with the tribe, later he and his blood brother Tipi aid the Continental Army in its fight for independents.

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