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Mysterious Figure

First appearance

After receiving a troubling briefcase filled with endless documentation and files on countless heroes, as well as villains, Oracle calls the Birds of Prey back into action to investigate. The files contain such detailed information that even she is astonished. Everything from addresses to secret identities, even the number of people Power Girl has slept with. There are even files on each member of the Birds of Prey themselves.

Also contained within the briefcase is a message declaring that every hour a name from the briefcase will be killed until the Birds of Prey stop the carnage. After speculating on the possible identity of the killer, a signal light is seen just over the skyline much in the same way the Bat-Signal is used causing the Birds of Prey to track its source. Upon arriving they find the Penguin cowering and pleading to a shadowy figure to spare his life. Blinded by the light the mysterious figure's face remains hidden, yet Black Canary deduces from the posturing that the figure has a sense of royalty, and is most likely Asian. Immediately two names flash through her mind, Cassandra Cain, or Lady Shiva. Without warning the shadow attacks, easily taking down Black Canary and disarming the Huntress.

Her attack so precise, so proficient, that Black Canary comments that, "If it is Shiva, she's gotten better." Unabated the shadow plunges one of Huntress' arrows into the neck of the Penguin but does not kill him. She then reveals herself to be the White Canary and challenges Black Canary to stop her.


Accepting the challenge, Black Canary and Huntress attempt to bring down the illusive martial artist with little success. Both heroines are easily dispatched with minimal effort. Although displaying remarkable martial arts ability, the emotions that accompany the assassins strikes cause Dinah to comment that she is not Lady Shiva, but can not understand how a fighter of White Canary's caliber has gone unnoticed. The Birds of Prey briefly gain the upper hand as Huntress wraps up the villain long enough for Dinah to land several shots that only seem to anger the white ninja. Hawk, Dove, and Lady Blackhawk arrive just as White Canary slips free from Huntress' grasp.

White Canary vs Hawk

Arrogantly Hawk charges ahead only to be sidestepped and cut open, but not before snatching a handful of White Canary's hair. The fight is then interrupted as local T.V. stations and Gotham City, police arrive on the scene. It is revealed that White Canary has set the team up, and possibly even murdered Savant, and Creote. She leaves them with a cryptic message -

"One of you will die every hour for the next six hours. You choose.......Or I will" - White Canary

With no other options the Birds of Prey retreat, barely escaping a collection of rogue Gotham City police officers determined on killing the team. They briefly hold up in the Penguins nightclub before it is eventually stormed by the police and Hawk is seriously injured when he is stabbed through the back by one of the White Canary's specialized daggers adding to the Birds of Prey's already overwhelming situation. Black Canary determines she must face the mysterious assassin alone or more lives will be lost.

"I know who she is"

After ordering the remaining members to take the injured and run, Black Canary meets White Canary on the rooftop for an epic one on one showdown. Through the course of the fight Dinah narrows down the identity of her assailant, throwing out Cassandra Cain and Lady Shiva as possible suspects when White Canary becomes visible agitated at the mention of "family." The battle continues and soon, Black Canary believes she has figured it out, she knows who the White Canary is. The bigger revelation that the deadly martial artist suggests that she is merely the tool who a much richer villain has chosen to use in his plot against the Birds of Prey.

Origin Revealed

White Canary is Born

Nineteen years ago, along the ancient "Silk Highway" in the Saanxi Province, White Canary was born to the martial artist Si Fu Huang. Her mother passed away during child birth, and like all female infants born to Si Fu, she was condemned to death despite the desperate pleas of her mother's midwife. However, before she could be taken down to the river and drowned, a freak bolt of lightning struck the midwife killing her instantly. The divine intervention did not go unnoticed by Si Fu, and he decided to spare the child's life. Thus White Canary became the lone sister of the Brothers Silk. Si Fu was a great fighter whose reputation was the stuff of legend. Consumed by his own legacy and obsessed with the realization that one day his age would catch up with him, Si Fu decided to pass his knowledge on to a new generation. Taking many wives, he fathered many children, all male, to carry on his linage. Each one was born under a different sign of the Zodiac and if any of the infants were deemed unfit or female, they were immediately put down. In the end, twelve remained (thirteen counting White Canary).

White Canary vs The Brothers Silk

They were dubbed the " The Twelve Brothers In Silk," rumored to be as skillful in the art of combat as Lady Shiva. Eventually the brothers were defeated by Black Canary and her band of heroes. This defeat would later be the death of the brothers as White Canary deemed it a shameful act that had dishonored her legendary father, thus motivating her to murder all twelve of her brothers.

Other Media



Caity Lotz as Sara Lance/The Canary

Sara Lance is the version of White Canary in the Flash/Arrow universe.

She is the sister of Dinah Laurel Lance and former lover of Oliver Queen. In the pilot is shown that Oliver was cheating Laurel with her sister, and the were both on board "The Gambit" when it sinks, in an attempt to murder Robert Lance.

In the incident, Oliver watches Sara been dragged by the ship as it sinks,leading Oliver to believe that she died. Oliver reaches the shores of Lian Yu, thinking he is the only survivor.

She was actually able to survive the sinking and is rescued by Anthony Ivo, who is the leader of the Amazo ship. He is trying to retrieve the mirakuru drug, which is in Lian Yu, with the goal to use it to save his dying wife.

Sara remains in the ship for a year and meets again with Oliver when he is taken captive. There he learns that she survived. Sara eventually departs Ivo side to help Oliver, joining him, Shado and Slade Wilson in the island.

Slade don't trust her, believing she is working for Ivy, despite the fact that Oliver believes in her. Ivo tries to reach her several times but she remains with Oliver. After being attacked by Ivo men, Slade got injured and is saved using the mirakuru drug.

However Ivo ambush Oliver, Sara and Shado. Ivo points a gun to both Shado and Sara, and tells Oliver that he will shot one of them, so he can oly save one of the girls. By instinct Oliver put himself between Ivo and Sara, which lead to Ivo killing Shado.

Because of the unknown effects of the mirakuru, Oliver decides not to tell Slade of the circumstances of Shado death (Due to the feeling Slade had for her and the fact that he chose to save Sara), but he eventually finds the truth and turn against Oliver and Sara. Slade takes over the Amazo, while Sara, Oliver and Ivo remain in the island. There, a very dying Ivo asks Sara to kill him and spear him from his agony. Oliver chose to kill him in order to save Sara from carry the guilt. In the final battle between Oliver and Slade, the amazo is destroyed and Oliver believes that Sara died one more time.

Sara was actually found by Nyssa, daughter and heir of Ra´s Al Ghul, who takes the wounded girl to Nanda Parbat, where she is feed and heal. Sara starts training with the League of Assassins and becomes romantically with Nyssa.

Five years after the sinking of The Gambit, Oliver returns to Starling City and takes the mantle of the vigilante called the Hood/Arrow. He fights for a year against those who have failed the city, and after a year he crossed path with Malcolm Merlyn (The Dark Archer), who activates an earthquake machine to destroy the Glades (A suburban neighborhood from Starling). These actions caught the attention of the League, and Sara immediately realises that the Arrow was Oliver.

Sara finally returns to Starling and Oliver learned that she survived the attacked on the Amazo. Sara starts wearing a black costume and takes the identity of the vigilante know as The Canary. She starts aiding Oliver (Even becoming romantically involved with him for a short time) as part of the Team Arrow, and eventually reveals herself to be alive to her family. In that moment Nyssa arrives to Starling to retrieve Sara, her lover, but she refused to return. Nyssa kidnaped Sara and Laurel mom (Dinah), and threaten Sara telling her that she will kill Dinah if Sara does not return with her to Nanda Parbat. Sara choses to drink a poison rather than returning to the league. After Sara is saved, Nyssa sees what her lover was capable of doing in order to avoid coming back with her. Nyssa finally lets Sara go, releasing her from the League.

When Slade arrives to Starling City, he threatens all of Oliver´s love ones, including Sara (With whom he had a particular hatred because Shado died when Oliver chosed to save her). Slade, going by the name of Deathstroke, starts builing and army of powered men (using the mirakuru drug). Sara reaches Nyssa for help, who makes the league aid Team Arrow. After Deathstroke´s defeat, Sara fulfils her part of the deal and agrees to return to the League, not before she gives her Canary jacket to Laurel.

At the beginning of season 3, Sara returns to starling city and helps Oliver fighting the new incarnation of Count Vertigo. After the fight, Sara wanders in a rooftop where someone shoots three arrows in her chest, making her fall from the building meeting her death. Laurel witness the fall and run to her sister, only to find her gone. Sara in buried in secret in her old tomb (The one she had when she was believed death after the sinking of The Gambit).

Team Arrow starts searching for Sara murder while Laurel starts training, eventually taking the mantle of her sister as Black Canary. At first she keep the death of Sara hidden from her father, Captain Quentin Lance, fearing that the new could make his heart condition worse. He eventually discovered the truth, blaming Laurel for the lies and making Arrow his target.

The team discovered that Sara was killed by Thea Queen, who was under the influence of a drug given by her father (Malcolm Merlyn). Thea murders Sara but has no memory of her actions.

When Nyssa discovers that Sara has been killed, she demands Oliver to find Sara murder. Ra´s Al Ghul himself request to learn who killed her, with Oliver taking the blame to save her sister.

In Season 4 of Arrow, Sara Lance is resurrected by her sister Laurel Lance with the help of Malcom Meryln and the Lazarus Pit which Nyssa is not happy about. The effects of being resurrected in the pit makes Sara lose her soul until Oliver contacts an old friend John Constantine who restores Sara's soul back with the effect of blood-lust from the Lazarus Pit.

Sara is portrayed by Jacqueline MacInnes Wood in a few scenes in season 1, and by Caity Lotz from season 2 onwards.

Legends of Tomorrow

Caity Lotz as White Canary

A resurrected Sara is recruited as part of a new team assemble by Rip Hunter to save the future from Vandal Savage. Arrow and Flash personally asked those who were chosen to join this new team (Whose members are Hawkgirl/Kendra Saunders, The Atom, Captain Cold, Heatwave and Firestorm). Sara takes the mantle of White Canary, and the circumstances of her return are unknown, but the trailer of the serie implies that the Lazarus Pits may be involved.

Caity Lotz will reprise her role as Sara Lance/White Canary from the Arrowverse.

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