Stunt Choreographer Garret Warren Spills The Beans

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 Warren discusses the stunt sequences in the upcoming Iron Man 2 film...


 As we get closer and closer to the release date of the Iron Man 2 film, we will see a lot more people that had worked on the film discuss their involvement more in depth. It should come to no surprise that when stunt choreographer Garrett Warren for the Iron Man 2 film was interviewed by Movieline, that he would delve a little bit into the structure of the action sequences as well as the details concerning the deadliness of a certain villainous character; Whiplash!

Warren first discussed the tool he and actor Mickey Rourke had used to train with.

I had brought two whips with me that are made of kangaroo hide that are incredibly well made. You can perform all sorts of tricks and cracks with them. In the movie, you won’t see those whips. They’ll digitally replace it with other types of whips. I don’t know if I’m at liberty to say what the whips will look like, but they’re going to be these super whips that have an awful lot of power. They can cut through cars, they can do an awful lot of damage. And when the movie comes out, you’ll see that he doesn’t do just whip-cracks and grabbing people. He lays waste to an awful lot of vehicles and street pieces and other things.

I'll admit that I kind of figured the whips that Rourke would utilize in the film would be technologically enhanced in one way or another, so it really should come to no surprise to anyone that would be replaced with digital ones. When asked if he would be doing many of the stunts, Warren implied that he would be doing the heavy lifting for the role. If Whiplash needs to be thrown against a car, for example, he will be the one to do it.

So will it be you we’ll be seeing in a lot of these sequences?
[Laughs] Any time you see some stunt where someone might have gotten hurt, then yes. At one point, Whiplash had to get hit by a car, and Mickey did the lead up to the stunt, and I did the stunt where the car came in and hit me and took me to the fence. So yes, you’ll see a combination of Mickey and myself. And when it comes to the whip routine, I have to admit, Mickey Rourke did a really good job with the whips. However, the suit was very painful at times. It was this big metal piece that wasn’t very comfortable, so he didn’t always want to do the whip routines every take. So I’d go in and do the whip routines.

I can't count on one hand how often I have already mentioned that I am really looking forward to this film, and knowing that Whiplash might get a little bit of digital enhancement, leads me to think that the action sequences will probably be bigger and better than anything I could have anticipated. Are you looking forward to getting a glimpse at Whiplash's character in the upcoming film?
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This movie sounds good. I wish Mandarin was in this film with Whiplash. Maybe he makes a cameo at the end. Micky Rourke was a brilliant choice for Whiplash, too bad we couldn't see him at Comic-Con 2009.
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this movies is going to be sweet, true i would also like to the mandarin in the film but maybe in the third one

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still can't believe whiplash is one of the villains ( reminds me of an s&m kind-of-a guy)...whatever, im still excited for the movie to come out....

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I can't wait to see this movie, even though i don't like Whiplash's costume

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I think it's smart that they kept Mandarin out. Because the way I see it, they're probably leading up to it. At least they had mentions of the Ten Rings in the first film. We'll see what's mentioned in the sequel. But if they do indeed lead into a confrontation between Mandarin and Iron Man, I think it's best they do it this way. It only makes it more epic when the battle finally comes.  
I'm EXTREMELY excited for this film. But, sometimes, I hesitate to look into news of the film because I don't want too much revealed. I want to go in this movie not knowing so much. It spoils things even if it's not telling me the story.
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I wish they would have used the costume from either Armored Adventures or the new comic but I want to see Black Widow

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At least we know that if the movies plot isn't as good the 1st then the action sequences will be good.  It's what made me not leave Spidey 3, the actions scenes were great, but did anyone else want to punch Peter Parker in the face and say "You're Spider- Man dude, quit crying you dork."
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Sounds good and I was thinking along the same lines, Babs.  However will there be any type of flying by other characters or just Iron Man?  How will Whiplash battle against Iron Man when he's in the air?  I can imagine the whips extending and all but I'm curious how this will play out in the movie. 
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Anyone else think the Whiplash harness looks like something Forrest Gump might have worn as a child?
#10 Posted by Media_Master (2189 posts) - - Show Bio

I see a fake mustache and goatee

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Well, you would kind of need 'super whips' to take on Iron Man.
What I'm really looking forward to is the first Iron Man 2 trailer. It might be a while since they just finished up the production filming.

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Sweet. This movie gonna rock!

#13 Posted by Meteorite (3351 posts) - - Show Bio

Whiplash is cool, but I'd rather have Mandarin as the main villain.

#14 Posted by Darkchild (41441 posts) - - Show Bio

I cant wait for this movie its gonna be awesome

#15 Posted by box turtle (1170 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd have liked to see Madame Masque too, I just hope Iron Man 2 is better than the first one though.
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iron man rules

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