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A century later millionaire Rod Gaynor (who was of Mexican descent), tired of his championship polo career, haphazardly visited the city of . He becomes interested in the plight of an unemployed farm hand named Carlos, who was about to be lynched. Gaynor met Marissa Dillon, daughter of the publisher of the Seguro Sentinel, the local newspaper. Marissa took Gaynor to see the padre of the local mission who told the two about the legend of the Whip. Gaynor then found many of El Castigo’s belongings and decided to become the new Whip.


This version of the The Whip was created by Gardner Fox and first appeared in Flash Comics #1.

Character Evolution

El Castigo

Like his predecessor Gaynor would protect the poor from exploitation and injustice. As the Whip, Gaynor dispersed the crowd and saved Carlos from any more persecution. Gaynor also ended the career of the local sheriff, who he discovered was behind the whole seedy act

The phoney accent.

For a time Gaynor was based out of Seguro and had a Chinese servant named Wing Tai. His horse was named King (later changed to Diablo). Gaynor later went to to fight crime there. He was also a member of the wartime All-Star Squadron. It is not known what happened to him after 1944.

Powers and Abilities

The Whip was a fine hand-to-hand combatant, a superb horseman, and a master in the use of the whip as a weapon.

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