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Starting from Dragon Magazine #49 in May 1981, Phil Foglio produced a regular strip, varying between and 3 pages in length, called What's New?, featuring presenters Phil and Dixie humorously looking at different aspects of role-playing gaming, and often promising to cover the topic of "Sex and D&D" only for circumstances to intervene and thwart them. The series ran until Dragon #84 in April 1984. In 1991 the first collected volume of What's New? strips was published by Palliard Press, with a note that it was "No. 1 of 2"; it took a further three years before the second volume was published.

In 1994, the same year as the second collection was published, the What's New? strip was revived in The Duelist magazine, a title devoted to the new hobby of collectable guard gaming, and specifically the first such game, Magic: The Gathering. Given their new home, Phil and Dixie now focused their attention on card gaming. The strip appeared in the first forty issues of The Duelist, ending in August 1999. A few months later, in December 1999, What's New? returned to Dragon Magazine starting with #266; it ran there until September 2003's #311. While the strip was running again in Dragon, Phil Foglio's Studio Foglio re-released the second What's New? collection with a new cover in May 2000, and then released a third collection, gathering The Duelist strips along with a new story covering the characters' return to Dragon.

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