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Interesting Story But Will It Have a Happy Ending?

What If? stories always show us those key moments with a major twist. Here we see what if Wolverine raised Daken. 

The Good 

Right away, Leinil Francis Yu's cover makes you want to read this issue. Surprisingly I never wondered what it could've been like if Wolverine was able to raise Daken. How different would things have been? It's a great set up with a different direction for Wolverine. We also see some familiar faces show up along the way. 

The Bad 

The problem with most What If? stories is they often have drastic endings that seem to tell us that the characters are better off in the regular 616 universe. I'd like to see the characters have a happy ending once in a while. Wolverine being a father to Daken started off as an intriguing idea but felt like it could only be headed in one direction. Also, Wolverine took care of the Winter Soldier way too easily. 
The Deadpool story is just hard to get into. If you missed part 1, there will be very little reason for you to try to figure out what is going on. It's meant to be lighter in tone but it's just not working for me. 

The Verdict 

What If? stories have lost some of the charm from when the series was first created. These days you can count on there being a sad ending for the characters involved. If the characters could see all the tragedy in these alternate universes, they would never complain about the hardships they face. The idea of Wolverine being able to raise Daken surprisingly isn't one that I thought about before. Wolverine has been in fatherly roles before but you don't really think about him with an infant. Whether or not there's a happy ending, I'll  leave for you to discover. Part 2 of the Deadpool/Venom story won't make a lot of sense unless you read Part 1 last week in the Iron Man: Demon in an Armor What If? issue.
Posted by queenfrost_

I agree with the sad endings in What If? stories. In the Civil War What If? It manages a happy ending, but one of the stories involve most of the hero population dying.

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