duo_forbidden's What If? Spider-Man #1 - What if Spider-Man Killed Kraven The Hunter?; What if Venom Possessed Deadpool? Chapter Three review

Peter The Hunter?

So what would have happened if Peter killed Kraven in Grim Hunt?

My initial thought in this one-shot would be that I would see the future Spider-man with the trench coat, but it goes in a strange direction. Peter still becomes the darker Spider-man for a while, but then becomes the next Kraven. I still don't understand the "Web and nature" concept, and why spiders plays a huge role in it, but because Madam Web died and transfer her powers to Julie the responsibility goes to Anya to become the web to balance everything. I still wondered WHY Spiderwoman, let alone Venom and Anti Venom, never showed up in the actual Grim Hunt story, yet, they make an appearance in this.  

I haven't followed the Deadpool what if, but from what I got from this part, it's typical Deadpool twisted humor enhanced with a Jerry Springer satire. I'm not even a huge Deadpool fan, and I found myself laughing at it.

Again, I still don't buy the whole one person that holds the world nonsense. It doesn't help the situation when Spiderwoman aka. Jessica Drew, should be the obvious choice to take the place of holding the "Web" if Peter somehow dies to my understanding, not Anya. I mean Jessica's origins of how she got her powers not that different from Peter's. There's no explanation to this. I realize this is a "What if" scenario, but really?

I wished Mark Sable could have taken the darker Peter Parker a bit more further, other than becoming a new Kraven. So what if he turned away his friends? I've seen that before in other series. So what if he killed Norman Osborn? He should have made his presence known to all the supervillains. It just needed something more to show that Peter wasn't playing around anymore.

I don't mind Paul Azaceta and Matt Southworth giving this story a retro look, but you have to do it right. Some transitions are hard to make out and Peter constantly keep changing his facial appearance. One page he has a facial beard, some pages, he loses it.

Overall: What possibly could have been more turns out to be a slight disappointment. I'm so glad things didn't turn out like this one-shot.

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