englentine's What If? #9 - What if the Avengers Had Been Formed During the 1950s? review

What If #9


Turning Point :

There is no turning point. This story is told from Iron Mans Trans dimensional viewer. The one that let him find the Squadron Supreme. Here we see a group of little known heroes including Namora, the 3D Man and Venus form the Avengers in 1950’s.


It was a pretty good story. Thanks to me knowing Namora and a little of the 3D man, I was able to find a character or two to relate to. Otherwise it does suffer like the Invaders story did. The interesting thing here is that the art mimics that of the 1950’s perfectly. The storyline stays modern. On the other hand, the dialogue was modern ( well 70’s modern ) with 50’s cultural references thrown in.

It was fun though, and in the end, that is what we want from a book right?

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