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When Professor Xavier decides to not oppose the ascension of Avalon, Magneto is able to gain undeterred leadership of the colonized space station. Years later, with Colossus as his right-hand man, the divisions within mutantkind continue within Avalon as the society Magneto envisioned is threatened to forever be torn apart!


Colossus walks in on Magneto watching old news footage of Professor X announcing his support for Magneto to take willing mutants to be citizens of Avalon. When questioned why he was reviewing the past, Magneto laments that the prior events should only be experienced once. Colossus questions Magneto about the realities of his dream and Magneto solemnly declares that Avalon has become as violent as the human/mutant relations on Earth had become.

Outside of Magneto's quarters two factions of Acolytes are squabbling over the direction of mutantkind. Javitz and Senyaka battle Unuscione and Katu over the latter's views that Avalon should be moved to prevent further enculturation of humankind. Javitz and Senyaka, who are led by Fabian Cortez, believe that the opposing faction are isolationists and pushovers and that Earth is the mutant's birthright. Magneto interrupts the quarrel, but it is clear that Magneto holds no real authority over the unruly mutants.

Elsewhere, Rusty Collins and Sally Blevins (Skids) deliver a baby boy, the first child born on Avalon. Despite fears of rearing a child in the violent climate of Avalon, the arrival of X-Man Beast quelled their fears. During his examinations of the newborn, Beast discovers that their child has reached a new evolutionary landmark: he is a mutant capable of altering his own mutation at will, essentially capable of choosing his own powers. No longer homo superior but homo ultima, Beast fears for the child's future on Avalon.

Beast's fears are validated when Scanner reports to Fabian Cortez the news about the Collins/Blevins child. Hysteria erupts as Cortez's faction of Acolytes fear homo ultima will usurp mutantkind as the superior race and that homo ultima they will one day covet Earth as their own.

Elsewhere, Exodus' Acolytes similarly fear the repercussions the new child will bring to mutants. Exodus theorizes that when homo ultima rises, mutants will be the new "humans".

The two factions convene to seek counsel from Magneto. Knowing that his leadership has long been rejected, he leaves the dilemma for the citizens of Utopia to solve.

Fabian Cortez and Exodus create a truce to exterminate the child. Unuscione protests that he is just a child. Exodus interjects that Hitler was once a child. Unuscione turns silent and regretfully continues to follow Exodus' lead.

A battle ensues, but Skids, Rusty, and Beast prove to be adequate defenders of the young child. When their forces prove ineffective, Cortez orders Voght to asphyxiate the child using her mist powers. Voght does so and kills the child, apologizing in the shadows that she had done it in "self-defense", presumably to save her own life from Cortez's wrath.

With the child dead, Rusty's powers go out of control. Unuscione encases him in a force-field to prevent any harm from being done. The Acolytes stare the devastated young couple and offer for them to remain in Avalon. The refuse, protesting that they would rather live among the humans on Earth than remain in such savagery.

Cortez and Exodus make yet another truce, this time in an effort to work together against any future threat against mutantkind whether it be human or homo ultima. They declare a monitoring of all future births for this new race of mutants could someday prove to be more disastrous for mutants than humans ever were.

Elsewhere, Colossus announces to Magneto that he shall also depart from Avalon. Before he leaves, it is revealed that Magneto had magnetically manipulated the computers to reveal the Collins/Blevins child, a genetic human, to be something far more. Magneto knew the conflict would unite mutants, but was still mournful of the cost. Colossus questions what Magneto shall do when their fears become a reality and a new race does come to overtake the mutants. What will he do then when his fantasy becomes a reality?

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