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Total cop out!



Legion son of Xavier has traveled back in time before magneto and Xavier met at the exact moment that Magnus and Magda escaped the Nazi camps. After killing him time re-aligns with his mother dieing since Magnus was not present to assist Xavier when she was attacked by von strucker.

  In the new present the x-men are celebrities of the highest caliber appearing on talk shows, using the danger room to make movies etc. Xavier warns the man who now leads the x-men, forge, that cerebro keeps locating mutants which keep disappearing. Forge is unfazed and plans to put on a grand show for the speech which Xavier will give the following day.

  At the hellfire club international building where iceman and Emma are now a couple the rich mutants discuss how they will make profits to grow even richer. Agents of Apocalypse, Sabretooth, Pyro, death etc kill all those present and bomb the building since they are “unfit”.

  In alaska Xavier meets with Scott and jean who now have two young teenage kids named Nathan and Rachel. He wants their assistance in going on a mission they refuse.

  The next day the x-men get mowed down by the agents of apocalypse and jean and Scott teleport in since jean is still phoenix. Xavier kills apocalypse and jean kills all present to preserve Xavier’s dream.

  After this the x-men are no longer celebrities they are back to being hated. Scott and jean reopen the school as new students, a mix of generation x and x-force mutants arrive. They plan to keep xaviers dream alive, elsewhere Gideon plans to do the same to the dream of apocalypse’s dream of survival of the fittest, we see he has now recruited Psylocke and wolverine to his cause.


The Good

It was interesting to see Legion actually kill Magneto since what would happen has always been a pet curiosity of mine.

  I loved seeing Jean and Scott happily married with their kids Rachel and Nathan. I also loved how things ended since the idea of Monet being trained by Phoenix has so many possibilities, there is potential in this ending for a good tale to be told.

  The cover art was awesome! Legion blows off magneto’s head! I like!


The Bad

WTF? The x-men achieve co-existence as being gimmicks and clowns for the humans? Sorry this was just ridiculous! It was equally absurd for Emma and the entire hellfire club to be killed so swiftly. Iceman vaporized by one hit from Pyro? LOL

The worse bit was how Xavier used all his mental powers to kill Apocalypse (cricket chirps) right…..  The tale ended at the most interesting point of the whole story

  Art was inconsistent and bland.


The Ugly

2/5 Meh

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Posted by MrFantastic

I have to agree. Pyro is a douche, Iceman is an Omega Power  mutant.  The book was lame

Posted by Ryonslaught
@MrFantastic: super lame man :(

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