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The story starts out with Reed shoving the Nullifier in Galactus' face talking attempting to scare him off as he did in reality, only this time Silver Surfer blasts Reeds' hand and Galactus quickly takes control of the Nullifier. The Fantastic Four grab Alicia Masters and retreat to an underground bunker while the people of New York scurry about terrified.

With the Fantastic Four underground, the Avenger attempt to stop Galactus. Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye and Giant Man are easily killed by Galactus, while Iron Man gets killed by Silver Surfer. Wasp says shes going to try and find a chink in Galactus' armor but in some narrow part of his ship is shot by a defensive laser. Cap throws his shield at Galactus in a last ditch effort but is also killed. Thor, the last remaining avenger, battles Silver Surfer and manages to crack Surfer's chest over but is killed in the process. The last scene of earth before the destruction shows Surfer collapsing on his board leaking the power cosmic, and Galactus starting up his machine.

The Fantastic Four with Alicia crawl out from beneath the underground shelter to find it airless and looking somewhat like a nuclear fallout aftermath. A ship descends before them and Reed knows who it is already, Dr. Doom. Almost on the brink of battle the former enemies reconcile their difference to instead journey into space to try to avenge Earth.

They catch up with Galactus' ship after not so long and breach into it, but while fighting some unnamed lakeys of Galactus' Reed falls into a crevice of Galactus' ship and is seperated from the rest of the Four.

When Reed wakes up he sees the ultimate nullifier through a tiny passage, protected by a large amount of defense turrets. Reed is about to attempt to grab it with his stretch arm, when the Wasp suddenly appears and tells him she will receive it instead. She does and the two make their way to Galactus's cockpit.

While the Four are all making their way to Galactus, Doom has exited his ship and is making his way to the wounded Surfer. The two clash and Doom reveals he has modified his suit to absorb power. Silver freaks out and Doom begins laughing at all his power, but then freaks out as well as he realizes his armor cannot hold it all, the two explode in a splash that looks similar to a supernova.

The Four with Wasp and Alicia finally reach Galactus and Reed is about to use the Nullifier in vengeance against the death of earth, but at the last moment breaks down in crying that he cannot. Galactus destroy the nullifier and is impressed with their courage and dedication, deciding he will change his ways if they will agree to one thing.

In the end the Fantastic Four with Wasp and Alicia become the new heralds of Galactus seeking out lifeless planets for him to devour.

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