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A special What If? issue spotlighting Phoenix and Cyclops’s relationship! What if Jean Grey and Scott Summers had married earlier? What if the two had never fallen in love? And what if Jean had chosen Wolverine over Cyclops?

Three stories in one issue centered around the wedding of Cyclops and Jean Grey.

In one story, just as Hank McCoy had decided to leave the X-Men, Cyclops and Jean Grey arrived and announced that they had decided to get married. After the wedding, Scott and Jean Summers opted to live a normal life with Scott working full-time for a radio station and Jean using her contacts in advertising. Soon after, the remaining X-Men decided to go their own ways and move on to normal lives as well. With Scott and Jean becoming famous for their book America's Opening Heart: The Growing Acceptance of Mutants in Society and the original X-Men leading their own lives, Professor X formed a new team of X-Men. Eventually, Xavier discovered an extremely powerful mutant presence on the island of Krakoa and accompanied his new X-Men to investigate it. The X-Men soon found out that Krakoa itself was the mutant and given their lack of experience, the X-Men were soon killed by Krakoa. Once Krakoa made his move into Japan, the Avengers were called in to assist Sunfire in preventing Krakoa from making it to Tokyo. The Avengers eventually destroyed Krakoa and discovered the bodies of the X-Men once it had collapsed into muck. Charles Xavier was buried with the original X-men attending his funeral.

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