xion66578's What If? #6 - What if the Fantastic Four had different powers? review

A alternate twist to a classic story.

This is one of the few issue of What If I have read. This one was unique it showed a differnet take to the Fantastic Four getting their powers. I liked the idea of them getting different powers, especially Sue, and Ben's new abilites. Sue gained the ability to stretch like Reed, Ben gained wings and could fly, Johnny became a creature made of living metal, and Reed became a brain with telepathy abilites (yeah I know weird). Of course this shows them battlying one of their most nefarious enemies Dr. Doom. What really made me like this issue was seeing Ben Grimm not a living rock and only seeing him wearing underwear. I always though he got the worst powers between them and though he was for comic relief, but they showed him with a different apperance and gave him more credit. But still I like him as the Thing and I am glad they gave him pants. All in all this is a great issue, though this issue might be hard to find in this day and age. But who knows maybe they will bring it back in a volume.


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