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In Amazing Spider-Man #129, the Punisher was hired to kill Spider-Man. He failed at this task, and later discovered his employer, the Jackal, was trying to blackmail him. However, what if the Punisher had succeeded?


As the story opens, the Punisher is speaking with a mysterious figure about the events that brought him there. An extended flashback begins, with the Jackal and Punisher on a rooftop discussing Spider-Man. The Punisher leaves in order to sever his ties with his past life and study the wall-crawler, as well as to prepare for what he feels will be his first big hit. As the Punisher prepares to begin his hunt, he confronts the Jackal about his outlandish disguise. After the Punisher is convinced that his employer is just a respected member of society, he leaves, but only after wondering about an odd blonde girl that lives in the Jackal's house.

Days later, the Punisher takes his first shot at Spider-Man. However, due to Spider-Man's spider-sense, he misses and goes back to the Jackal to brainstorm. Days later, Spider-Man is swinging across the city when his spider-sense alerts him to Doctor Octopus' presence. However, as he comes closer, he realizes that it's not Doctor Octopus at all, but a dummy stuffed with explosives. Moments later, the explosives live up to their name, and Spider-Man and all his secrets lay on the ground for the world to see.

The Punisher, enraged at being used like that, goes to confront the Jackal. However, the Jackal has already left, and the police were hot on the Punisher's trail. Not only that, but New York's superhero community was none too pleased about the death of Spider-Man, and wanted to make the Punisher pay for what he did. The only ones who were pleased that Spider-Man had been swatted were his enemies who soon felt the vengeance the Punisher wanted so badly to deliver.

Later, the Punisher learns the identity of the man who enlisted him to kill Spider-Man, and our story ends with the Punisher aiming his gun at Miles Warren, and the police aiming theirs at the Punisher. With a smirk, the Punisher claims he will meet Warren on the other side.

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