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What If no one was watching the Watcher?

Featuring a collection of wacky alternate universe stories including...

What If Thanos changed Galactus into a human being?

What If Dr. Doom was a pediatrician?

What If Wolverine hibernated?

What If you were Spider-Man?

What If you were the Red Skull?

What If the Punisher was a hall monitor?

What If Galactus fought Ant-Man?

What If Spider-Man fought the Trapster?

What If Spider-Man had a son?

What If Marvel published nursery rhymes?

What If industrialist Tony Stark owned a chain of laundromats?

What If Howard the Duck was a chicken? ...Pigeon? ...Vulture? ...Canary? ...Goose?

What If Ant-Man had a picnic?

What If the Leader decided to buy a hat?

What If Storm was an air traffic controller?

What If the Punisher was a stern, yet fatherly type?

What If Ghost Rider fell asleep?

What If Frank Castle had died... but his family had lived?

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