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When the literally immortalized Jane Foster's failed Odin's test of standing up to the terror generated by the lurking unknown, Odin vowed that she wasn't worthy of Thor, Enraged, Thor denounced his father's judgement as unjust,and Odin banished them both from Asgard. Seeking vengeance, Thor convince the avengers to join him in storming Asgard ( Except quicksilver). Thor recruited numerous allies, Including the Vizer, the Warriors Three, through Balder remained loyal to Odin, Odin put Loki in charge of his forces for the assault of Thor's allies. The Vizer amplified the Avengers powers to allow them to stand up against the gods:Iron man's armor became powered and proof against Asgardian socery, the Scarlet Witch gained true magical powers, Hawkeye was giving a bow that could never ever miss, Goliath was given Thor's belt of strength so that hey can attain any hight and maintain full power, Captain America was given an invinsiable sword,and the Wasp's stings were effective against gods.

Note: This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, Daredevil vs. Johnny Punk!

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If only this were canon 0

This issue spins out of 'To Become an Immortal', the 'One More Day' of the Silver Age. It is one of the most important stories in Thor history and yet one of the most horrific. We saw Jane Foster 'fail' her auditon for godhood. I have several issues with 'To Become an Immortal' :  - The entire plot is so orchestrated it clearly reads as a set up. - Jane is penalised for not using her powers successfully on her first attempt - Jane is thrown in with the Lurking Unknown after being a god for merel...

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