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In the regular mainstream, Dr. Doom and Puppet master had transfered the minds of the Fantastic 4, Alicia Masters and Franklin Richards in the bodies of tiny robot clones of themselves without their powers. They are then placed in a town full of human like robots called Liddleton and they dont realize. When they do, they manage to escape, Thing who here is human considers staying so he is human and Alicia isnt blind. But soon decides to leave. But......

What if The Thing had refused to leave Liddleton?

The rest of the Fantastic 4 leave with Franklin, Thing and Alicia to themselves saying they'll return in a week. Franklin and Alicia believe this is the real world, so they believe they are house hunting. After weeks go by with no sign of the rest of the team. The Thing starts wondering what happened? Eventually he manages to return to being the Thing and realizes the rest of the team are dead. He heads back home where Puppetmaster had told Alicia and Franklin the truth. They fight off Dr. Doom and return to the normal world at Castle Doom.

Alicia being angry that Thing had lied to her, now sees what he truely is...a monster. Soon a giant Dr. Doom attacks the castle and reveals this was his plan all along and its revealed that they are in a tiny world version of Doom castle with them still not in their normal bodies. Now Thing, Alicia and Franklin are trapped their forever.

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