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 Wes is the Sheriff of Pennystown, he is characterized for being an hard man to deal with. He and Ethan have a friendship but it's a very diluted one. Wes throws Ethan out the first night in the bar, that's when the mysterious boom went off. Wes had a slight crush on Ethan's girlfriend Taylor, in fact he had her for a short while. However, Ethan comes to Wes about a Mysterious girl he found in the middle of the road, the night before; Wes, Ethan and Taylor return to Ethan's apartment to find out what the deal is. When they opened the door, they saw the woman had laid eggs and they were hatching. Taylor opened the door to retrieve her robe, and the woman's clones attacked. Wes jumped in the way and was bruised too. the woman ran from the home and attacked the towns people, Ted a local farmer and his boy, were all ready hunting the girl However, Ethan persuaded Wes, that Ted and his boy were the ones who did something to the girl, Wes takes it into consideration and manages to capture Ted, when he finds him scouring around Ethan's home. Ted tells Wes that the girls killed his Wife, and that the girls only attack women. Eventually, the clones return and Wes gives the descion for the townspeople to evacuate the town. However when driving out of town they notice a crashed car. The car showed no signs of a struggle, no skids, or no other car. When walking close the reverend noticed there was a wall, They had been locked in. The girls returned and chased the towns people back to the Mcallisters home, however Dan fell back and was attacked by the girls. Later at the home, Dan returns and Wes learns that Dan slept with the  girls. Ethan tells Wes that when he first met the girl, he slep with her too. A group of teenage boys decide they want to have all the sex they can so they, run off to have a sex fest with the Girls. Wes decides to bring them back, however when he finds Kenny with the woman, he decides that not even he could handle the situation and he tosses aside his badge.

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