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Not much of Werian Holt has been said, nor is it known when or how he came to be allied with Mr. Dark. He appeared suddenly during Mrs. Sprat's attempts of losing weight. At first, she hoped he was her handsome prince, she had been promised. However, he introduced himself as her fencing instructor. Though its never explained why he was chosen or why Mr. Dark wanted Mrs. Sprat to know fencing. He treated her like a true trainer, something she came to find truly annoying and unbearable. Eventually, Mr. Dark decides to go and destroy Fables at Haven and gives Mrs. Sprat what she demanded. Before he left, he warned Werian not to touch his fiance, though Werian stated he had no interest in her. Mr. Dark left adding "You haven't seen how she looks now".

Unfortunately, Mr. Dark was pulled to his demise by Mr. North. Leaving Werian and Mrs. Sprat alone in the castle, there was no sign that she had betrayed Mr. Dark with Werian. But the two did sit and enjoy Christmas together, both plotting on what to do when the other Fables return for the castle. It is then Werian gives her a "gift", which was a tattered dress. When the Fables came to the castle, they both said they had been kept prisoner by Mr. Dark. Its unknown what the two have planned or what's in store for them.

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