werewolf movies

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in responce to some idiotic twilight fan who beleives that stephanie meyers invented werewolves ive been watching a werewolf movie maraton so far ive found 5 that are atleast 20 years older than twilight 3 of which were made more than a decade before the meyers was born, werewolf myths have been around almost as long as civilization meyers pathetic excuse for werewolves isnt even a drop in the bucket.

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im aware of that thread this thread is about adding up how wrong that chick actually was
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just posting it because the thread on this topic was already made of course. its where your opinion should go,
as it also contains the actual information regarding the subject which other users might not be aware.
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oh ok
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i sat thro skinwalkers again for this argument i may be obsessin a little

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American Werewolf in London is one of the best movies ever

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Van Helsing best looking IMO.

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