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Werewolf By Night Volume 2
The second title in Marvel's short-lived and ill-fated 'Strange Tales' imprint that was intended to be published without the approval of the comics' code authority, this  second volume of WEREWOLF BY NIGHT, written by Paul Jenkins and illustrated by Leonardo Manco, focuses largely on the psychological implications of being a Werewolf, the guilt a werewolf feels in their every waking moment and the search for a cure for the condition.

Werewolf and the other 'Strange Tales' title, JM DeMatteis' Man-Thing, were doomed early on, as the code was put back onto the covers for both titles from Man-Thing #3 and Werewolf #2 onwards. Werewolf was cancelled at #6 and Man-Thing at #8, though both titles would live on for a short time as a new STRANGE TALES (Vol 4) anthology with a full length story from both titles in each issue. Strange Tales was projected to go for at least four issues, but Marvel published only two, leaving both titles' story-lines unresolved.  Issues 3 and 4 were reported to have been completed; Marvel just chose not to publish them.
Towards the end of the series, it was shaping up into a Werewolf vs vampires story, though with the sudden death cancellation it is difficult to tell where exactly this was going.

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