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On a rainy night in L.A., the Werewolf runs through the streets, stalked by a cloaked figure in the sewers below. The scarred man emerges from a manhole to attack the man-beast, repeatedly referring to the commands of Sarnak. Abruptly, the man in the tattered cape quits the fight, just before the Werewolf succumbs to a high frequency sonic wave from an unseen source.

In his human form, Jack Russell awakens in a police station drunk tank. He is brought to Lt. Lou Hackett, who is investigating werewolf sightings. Not getting any new information from Jack, the Lieutenant allows Jack's step-father, Philip, and his sister, Lissa, to take him home.

Still suspecting his Philip of having his mother killed, the two argue until Jack shuts himself in his room. Outside the house, more misshapen men in rags gather, then as darkness falls, they burst into Jack's room. He transforms into the Werewolf, and the battle spills out into the living room. Philip grabs his handgun, and fires upon one of the miscreants, then the Werewolf again falls to the sonic wave. The men gather the beast and drag him down to the sewers.

The Werewolf comes to in a pit and meets Sarnak, who is standing above him. The lycanthrope leaps for Sarnak, but is held at bay by the villain's "control whistle", the source of the sonic wave that serves as Sarnak's means of controlling his troops.

With the Werewolf now under his control, Sarnak leads his servants to Century City to wreak havok, stating that they do so on behalf of the Committee. As they set upon innocent bystanders, the Werewolf sees Lissa emerge from their step-father's car. The creatures grab her and return to the sewers, while the man-beast is dibilitated by the Sarnak's whistle, as is unable to rescue her.

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