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Two New York police detectives investigate the latest in a series of bloody murders. They stand by as a psychic hired by the department 'communicates' with the victim, experiencing a vision of his death at the hands of some fanged predator. When the detectives, Len and Phil, ask her what she saw, she has a vision of them as corpses.

Later, Jack Russell enjoys lunch at a Chinese restaurant with his girlfriend Roxanna and friends Fred and Katey. At the meal's end, Jack opens his fortune cookie to find a message requesting a meeting, signed, "Your friend".

That night, Jack is picked up by a limousine in which rides the little man who led Jack on his recent journey of self-discovery. The man discusses the serial killings plaguing New York City and tells Jack he is to visit The Underworld, a hidden nightclub catering to supernatural customers. Jack, already familiar with the club, is dropped off there and enters. As he sits at the bar, some punk vampires begin to hassle him, and the altercation erupts into a brawl. The scuffle is halted by the Ghost Rider (Noble Kale), and Jack joins him at his booth to ask for assistance regarding the murders. Steven, leader of the vampire punks, calms him cohorts, assuring them their chance will come.

Kale, obligated to the rules of the nether-realm he now reigns over, tells Jack only that the killer is present in the club. He also warns Jack to be wary of those he becomes indebted to. Jack turns to leave, and Steven offers an apology to him before he exits the nightclub.

With the full moon rising, Jack locks himself in his cell in the sewers, and transforms into the Werewolf. When he reverts to human in the morning, he finds himself with the corpse of a murdered street person.

[To be continued in STRANGE TALES Vol 4, #1]

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