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The Hangman stands on a building ledge holding a rope, at the end of which swings the Werewolf, his neck in the noose. The Werewolf reaches a flagpole then yanks the rope to force the Hangman off the ledge. They both fall to the sidewalk below, and the vigilante swings his scythe for a killing blow. The beast dodges, and the blade severs the rope, allowing him to run away. The Hangman returns to his original objective, the hospitalized scientist, Dr. Winston Ridditch, whose formula transformed him a month before into the evil DePrayve. The vigilante abducts Ridditch and takes him to his lair in an abandoned movie house.

The next morning, Buck Cowan finds his friend, the again-human Jack Russell in the woods near town, and they return to Buck's home. Buck has obtained Ridditch's "good formula" from the scientist's wife, and Jack drinks the solution in hopes of curing his lycanthropy. Jack goes outside to await the full moon, but the transformation ensues anyway.

The Werewolf soon catches the scent of the Hangman, and enters the theater through a skylight. Just as the Hangman is about to execute Ridditch, the Werewolf strikes, and the excitement causes Ridditch to become DePrayve. The free-for-all continues until DePrayve stuns the Hangman, then the Werewolf slashes the face of DePrayve. The wounded maniac runs from the building, and the man-beast follows. The Hangman recovers and gives chase, but runs straight into two police officers who arrest him.

Elsewhere, the Werewolf has lost the trail of his foe, who has again reverted to Ridditch.

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