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[Cont. from MARVEL SPOTLIGHT Vol 1, #4]

The Werewolf has been turned to stone by the gaze of Marlene Blackgar, a mutant with gorgon-like powers. The beast remains petrified though the night, but with dawn, he reverts to a flesh-and-blood Jack Russell, and is quickly found by his reporter friend, Buck Cowan. Buck had just arrived on the island owned by Marlene's father, Miles, and he helps Jack back to Blackgar's house to try to retrieve the Darkhold. Buck wants the book for an article while Jack seeks a cure within its pages.

They discover activity among the mutated humans Blackgar experimented upon, organized by Marlene, and, to Jack's surprise, Miles Blackgar, alive but in a wheelchair after his encounter with the Werewolf. Jack and Buck grab the arcane tome and run to Buck's chartered plane, leaving the isalnd behind.

At Buck's home, they try to translate the Latin inscriptions, then Jack phones his sister Lissa to check in. He gives her Buck's address, unaware that the Blackgars are there, with the cooperation of Jack and Lissa's step-father Philip.

Soon, the Blackgars' monstrous servant, Strug, bursts into Buck's house, along with his masters, who hold Lissa at gunpoint. After rendering Jack, Lissa and Buck unconscious, they search for the book to no avail. As dusk approaches, Jack comes to, soon transforming into the Werewolf. He battles Strug, but the fight ends when Marlene fires a shot meant for the Werewolf, killing Strug instead.

Marlene then removes her dark glasses to try to petrify the Werewolf again, but the beast ducks, leaving Marlene and Miles to see her reflection in a mirror, transforming to stone themselves. Lissa, bound to a chair regains consciousness in time to watch the Werewolf run out as he heads for the forest.

The next morning, Jack makes his way back to Buck's, where he reveals that he hid the Darkhold within a cereal box. Buck has a surprise for Jack, as well: the petrified Blackgars are now on exhibit at a local art gallery.

NOTE: Jon Costa is a pseudonym for John Costanza.

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