etragedy's Weird Western Tales #31 - Gunfight At Wolverine review

Hex in a Showdown

Is Hex the fastest gun in the West?

In 'Gunfight at Wolverine', Jonah Hex rushes to Wolverine, Wyoming after receiving a telegraph from Dave Prentice, an old army buddy.

When he arrives in Wolverine, Hex learns that Prentice is now the Sheriff, and he's having a rough time with the McCandless Gang. Not only that, but he seems to be suffering from a persistent cough. But Prentice is still the fastest gun around... yet something strange is going on in Wolverine.

It's officially announced this issue that the art duties will continue to alternate every other issue on this title between Moliterni (who does this issue), and Garcia Lopez, who will start next issue.

Moliterni's art is fine, and Fleisher's story is a typical Western, sure to satisfy fans of the genre, though this is a pretty average issue overall.

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Posted by CrazyScarecrow

Even in the DCU Wolverine gets honored.

Nice review.

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