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Conclusion to the 'Point Pyrrhus' Storyline

In the 1970s there was an influx of comic artists from the Philippines to the mainstream American comics world. The Philippines had it's own history of comics publishing, and some quite talented artists came from there (and still do). One of these artists was Noly Panaligan, who started working on Weird Western Tales with this issue.

I have to say that his art will take some getting used to. I had gotten used to the 'dirty', detailed work of Tony DeZuniga. In contrast, Panaligan's art is a lot sparser - but it's counterbalanced by the cinematic look he brings to the book. It almost looks like he was working from postcards or other reference materials of the old west, as his landscapes are very authentic looking. These wide, sprawling vistas give the comic the feel of some of the great westerns, which no doubt are one of Panaligan's influences.

In the wake of 'The Point Pyrrhus Massacre' (last issue), Jonah Hex is left temporarily blind. Nevertheless, his enemies still pursue him, and after another gunfight in town, the townspeople force Hex out, along with a broke actor who they also find annoying. The two have to cross the desert with the actor being the Jonah Hex's eyes, as the actor is no good with a gun, yet Hex is still being pursued by armed men seeking revenge.

This conclusion to the 'Point Pyrrhus' story arc is another great Jonah Hex story - perhaps up there with the 'Promise to a Princess' storyline as one of the best of the early Jonah Hex stories.

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Posted by lykopis

Great review. Very interesting too, about the artist Panaligan and his style.

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